Friday, June 27, 2008


The strawberry picking ritual is a yearly event that I love to do with these guys. They look forward to it and they start reminding me every spring. There are some times you must pat yourself on the back and this is one of them for me. I make the BEST STRAWBERRY BANANA JAM! It is looked for every summer by many of our friends and family. I find people opening the cupboard door where they know it is stored. So if you live in the UK and you are the mother to a couple crazy cats, watch your mail for a package! I usually have it made by now but we just went picking because of the rain. We had a beautiful day for it and some of the kids friends where there as well. I think that shocked them that we where not the only ones that did the trek to the fields. People need to stop and pick the berries once and a while, don't you think? Being together doing a yearly event teaches them about tradition and the fun that can come out of something so simple.

Well on to Brambleberry Lane. I will start releasing the new Flash cards this afternoon as well as some new stickers. I think I am going to cover one of the kids with stickers and add to my listing. I feel like I could cover the world with stickers I have been making so many. At the same time it never gets old. I love making stickers. Oh yes, do not forget that Christmas in July is just around the corner. Can it be done? Can I release that many new products that span the holiday season from Fall to New Years? Well, we will see about that. I just can't wait to try. I am better under pressure. Out of the blue my mind starts to work harder and faster. I love that rush of thoughts. The only thing is my hands some times can't keep up with my mind. I need to work on that. More exercise for the entire body is needed!

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Maisyh said...

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S pics AL :) But wait... Hmmm, I live in the UK and I have 2 carzy furry sons... ?!!!