Thursday, April 29, 2010



Backpack Straps

(Fun pockets for tags!)
So the other day as I was showing a friend my All About Me Printer Tray her daughter was there. She was attracted to the same thing I was...the Eiffel Tower. This has been a dream of mine FOREVER. I don't know if it is the romantic in me or the want to see history up close and personal, but it has always drawn me in. When Marlee got excited about the tower as well it took me back in time. You know, when you are a little girl and anything and everything is possible. When you make lists of things you want to do some day and there is NO doubt in your mind that you will do each and everyone of those goals you have written down. Now those lists have become even more important to me as I get older. I see how I have lived this wonderful life that has been a journey. Maybe not the journey that many people would have taken, but the one that I would not have changed for the world. But as woman many times we have a list that we set aside and forget about because there are so many other things that come up in life. I get it, I know how one day life is grand and the next the wind is taken out of your sails and a new mountain to climb has popped up in front of you. I know of which I speak, BELIEVE ME! But what if as grown woman we still dreamed. And what if we shared those dreams with our friends and our children. It could spread like wild fire. Being able to dream keeps hope alive and makes us work for something. I know sometimes things happen in life that take the path of a future as we have seen it for a very long time and changes it. But with life and dreams if you hold on to your base and your sense of self you can always jump from one path to another and find the road that takes you to your dream tower. So Marlee, thank you for inspiring me to create this little backpack for a trip to Europe, because if we all take those little girl dreams with us we will never forget who we truly are!


Monday, April 26, 2010


So I have always seen all of these beautiful all about me projects. I still haven't tried one. Plus I am not usually in the pictures of my travels because I am behind the camera. Instead I thought I would use some symbols of me. Plus I have these great beautiful Printer Trays from 7 Gypsies. And of course the help of the Graphics Fairy is always a welcome one. So here it is. What do you think?

It has everything from keys to represent all the places I have lived to the dream of reaching Paris some day. I can not wait to hang this in our room.

This kind of thing is so easy for you to put together plus, people that love you that may not know everything about you will learn a lot.

So even if you don't want to be in the pictures, there is a way more out there to represent you and the things that are close to your heart!


Sunday, April 25, 2010


(Michelle, Wendy, Danielle, Me!)

We spent last night in Port Henry. When ever we go there it feels like home. It was my aunts 50Th Birthday. Wendy and I are the daughters of the oldest sister of six kids. From the original six came 12 grand children. Well between just the 4 of us we have 11 kids. Wow that's a lot. But after I loaded this picture into my computer this morning I realized, hey, we are not so bad off for 4 mama's. Dare I say 4 "hot mama's" cause if I don't say it who will. We don't get to see each other a bunch because they are up North and we have landed in a great middle ground but it is nice to get together like this. Nothing ever changes and I think that is a great thing.

Family should always be there for each other when important times happen. So next time your invited to something that you have to fit into your already packed schedule, GO! You can't take a great picture if you don't show up to the party!


Friday, April 23, 2010


Hi all! Sorry it has been a week since I dropped in. We have been totally crazy busy around here. I just wanted to show you a little Happy 50th I just made for my aunt. I love Amy Butler papers and realized I hadn't used any in a while. So here they are. I was hooping around the blogs and saw this fun little flower being made and wanted to make some. I changed the sizes a bit but they are a lot of fun. And then ofcourse the bling. I love having those fun and shiny elements to add to things don't you.

And then there is this picture I must add. My husband is having a ton of fun playing in the yard with the tractor and yes I think his tractor is Sexy for you country music fans. It is like he is a kid in a giant Tonka Toy. Should he have been a farmer instead of a Electrican? Maybe, but I like to say I have my own personnal landscaper. I just wish he would wear a pair of tighter jeans while he worked!


Friday, April 16, 2010

One Day in The Middle of Barnes and Noble

(above work from Spring 2010 Somerset Memories created by Jo-Anne te Raa)

So on Thursday I was totally having a creative block. I had no want or thought to create anything and that is just not like me. I tried everything. A little blog searching for inspiration...nothing. Going over my stash of papers...nothing. I even went outside and gardened to change my mind...nothing. So today instead of being blocked again I decided to run some er ins and get other things done. I had a gift card for Barnes and Noble that I wanted to use so I headed in. I searched a ton of books and created a big pile to sit and look at. I went to sit down with my finds and there wasn't a seat to be had. So I went over to the magazine section where I found a seat and a couple of Somerset Mags to look at as well. Deep into my page turning I was having a hard time making a decision on which book would be riding home with me. So I set down the books and picked up the mags. Now of course you will understand if you have ever seen one of the mags put out by Stampington they are totally full of great inspiration. I looked the first one over very carefully and then noticed the time. Before I made my decision I wanted to look at just one more Somerset Memories for the Spring 2010. It was just a quick flip but something caught my eye. I frantically tried to turn back to what I thought I had seen. And there it was...someone used one of my scrapbooking embellishments in there layout. I thought I would fall off my chair. There it was. Something I created was published and I was so proud.

Now I realize they are just one little part of this woman wonderful work. But it was MINE!!!!!!!!!!! I did this. I added to a creation out there in the world. And this is the difference. This is the difference between a big company that makes tons of products and a little biz full of heart in Upstate NY creating something. This means the world. Now don't get me wrong, the big companies do a incredible job, but when you are the little guy it is like winning a award.

My little metal rimmed tags where just a part of a Jenni Bowlin Kit that she put out about a year ago but it only takes one little thing to make your day now doesn't it!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So I was asked by my Logan if I could put a mirror in his room that he could see into. At 5 he is to short to see his pretty little face in any of the other ones. So I grabbed this plain little mirror and made it a little more my house friendly.

I started by layering a bunch of different papers (vintage ones) with Mod Podge. Then covered the entire thing with pattern making papers for the perfect tan background.

Then as I do many days of the week, I hooped over to the Graphics Fairy and collected a bunch of Vintage Flash card images and got to work. I printed them in all different sizes. I cut them out, inked all of the edges and adhered them with more Mod Podge. I also went over the top of the images with the Mod Podge to seal it.

I finished it all off with some great Gaffer Tape from my site and there you are. A great little project that you can make your own in no time. Find you favorite graphics and have at it. Decorate a little spot in your house that you had not thought of adding anything to~!