Saturday, July 25, 2009


Here are my new fun stickers. I love this color combination. These papers are so great. They are double sided and they scream lets have a good time. So I decided to have a good time and make stickers out of them. You should see the papers listed here shortly as well so you can make your own projects with them. The oranges and blues compliment each other so well. There are metallic sections on them as well as glitter. I love, love, love this set and you will too.
Anywho, it is a big Saturday night here in the Northeast. What to do? Well there are some wonderful videos on You tube. Plus I am totally into Hulu. You can pretty much watch anything on there. I love it. Some show I have never heard of and there they are. Well I better get kids to bed!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Room Fun!

Yes, he has hung my mirror. Now I usually buzz around the house hanging and moving pictures around. But this mirror is verrrrry heavy. It was in the living room but the wall it was on was too large and mirror was totally lost on it. The telephone pictures around it I made from my sticker images. AHHH the wonder of enlargement. Then the little shelves that are currently holding two of my Longaberger Baskets. I purchased two "WALL PLAQUES" from A.C. M and then the two bottom brackets from lowes. Painted them black and for about $4 per shelf I saved a bunch of money. Ones smaller then these where starting @ $15 each. We made two for $8. Now that was easy and cheep. These will be changed out with the seasons I am sure. But it really makes me happy to see some of my pride and joy baskets there. All and all I think this little project turned out so well. It was a giant bare wall that just never made me happy. I was always back and forth on what I was going to hang there. This grouping really takes up the large space and adds a bunch of interest to this otherwise bare space. It totally works with the leather chair and tan couch. I am sooooooo happy to see it all done.
It is hard to tell from the picture, lots of overcast here in the northeast, but the walls are a cool green. I love this color. The family room and kitchen have a open floor plan this really flows together well. Pretty much any color of red looks FABULOUS with it. And I love reds in these two rooms.
Well it is back to creating new stickers and journal tags. I have a list of to-do's that I would like to create so I am off to do that.
Make it a great day, and remember to...................

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Oh how I love creating ACEO/ATC's. So as I am getting ready to fill a new rounder of fun things that I have created, I realized they all pretty much go by the seasons. So that is why I made these four dividers. I love to tell a story with one little ATC. Many people pass thru here and are able to take a quick look at what we are up to rather then 12 pictures of how cute the baby is riding his bike. Or Morgan in the play, just one will do to tell her story. A photo on front and a little journaling on back and bing bam boom it is all done.

The reason for the seasons really stems from the colors of paper used to document the time of year as well as the event attended. I have mixed a combination of die cut letters, stamped and hand written letters. As much as I hate my own hand writing, it is not so much for me. It is for that person 2 or 3 generations from now that get a peek into who their relative was. I know, I know how much you truly don't like your own hand writing. But down the road it will be a way for another generation to feel a bit of attachment to the past. Example time...My grandfather(my dads father) built the field stone fireplace in the home I grew up in with his own two hands. There was a piece of one of those stones that was out and I have kept it with me ever since we moved. It sits here on top of my computer screen. This is a man that passed away before I was born, but I have something I know for sure he laid is hands on. Connection is important I think. And a strong family is built on connections. Isn't this why we scrapbook in the first place, so we can connect with our pasts. So from my rock to your memories, always leave at least some journaling for the future generations to enjoy.

When ever I create dividers for my rounders, I like to make them a little bigger then the normal 2 1/2 x 3 1/2. So what I do is start with the 2.5 x 3.5 as a base and then add to it to plump it up. The SPRING 09 card I added a orange card stock to and then fringed it with scissors to give dimension.

The SUMMER one I added rounded corners to the back layer and stamped the letters on curves.

FALL is my favorite time of year. I love, love, love the colorsof autumn so I kept it simple so they would shine and layered multiple solid colored textured cardstock. With this one I used my FAV Souffle pen in white to mark the season.

And finished this all up with WINTER. Lots of glitter here. I love doing snowflakes in blues and whites. But here I did snowflakes with some more of the traditional Christmas colors to account for the winter as well as the holiday.
Anywho, just some fun ways to make your ATC/ACEO rounder flow as well as being able to sort out the year!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I know what you are thinking...Why is she talking about CHRISTMAS? Well that is simple to explain. Many moons ago, the retail gods decided to come up with this thing called "CHRISTMAS IN JULY". I know you are on either one side or the other of the fence with this one. Some people think it is great and others are driven crazy by it. I am not bothered by it either way. But as a biz I need to roll with the punches if you know what I mean. So I am giving you a bit of a look at the future to come.
Many companies have not released their holiday papers and some will still have last years patterns in stock. I get so happy when I see some new great and fun patterns that I can create with and pass on to you. As far as my Christmas Stickers selections, I have started listing some with many more to come. I know there are many of you out there that take advantage of the summer to start working on some of your holiday projects. I am so inspired by the ladies that make ALL of their own cards for the holidays. YOU GO GIRLS! So over the next few weeks I will be releasing some great holiday fun and some of my ideas that you can create as well yourself or with your kids!