Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Room Fun!

Yes, he has hung my mirror. Now I usually buzz around the house hanging and moving pictures around. But this mirror is verrrrry heavy. It was in the living room but the wall it was on was too large and mirror was totally lost on it. The telephone pictures around it I made from my sticker images. AHHH the wonder of enlargement. Then the little shelves that are currently holding two of my Longaberger Baskets. I purchased two "WALL PLAQUES" from A.C. M and then the two bottom brackets from lowes. Painted them black and for about $4 per shelf I saved a bunch of money. Ones smaller then these where starting @ $15 each. We made two for $8. Now that was easy and cheep. These will be changed out with the seasons I am sure. But it really makes me happy to see some of my pride and joy baskets there. All and all I think this little project turned out so well. It was a giant bare wall that just never made me happy. I was always back and forth on what I was going to hang there. This grouping really takes up the large space and adds a bunch of interest to this otherwise bare space. It totally works with the leather chair and tan couch. I am sooooooo happy to see it all done.
It is hard to tell from the picture, lots of overcast here in the northeast, but the walls are a cool green. I love this color. The family room and kitchen have a open floor plan this really flows together well. Pretty much any color of red looks FABULOUS with it. And I love reds in these two rooms.
Well it is back to creating new stickers and journal tags. I have a list of to-do's that I would like to create so I am off to do that.
Make it a great day, and remember to...................

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