Monday, September 29, 2008

What Is The Date?

Can you tell how much I like this new product? I have been working on some new calendar spots and this is a GREAT set I think. They are so cute with the combo of word and picture for the time of the year. I hope you all like them as much as I do. Plus there is a bunch of new stickers that I have added and papers. So come on over to the Lane and see whats new. I will be posting the first in my series of ATC cards on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy the ideas. What a fun way to make a little piece of artwork.

So save the date on these new tags and show up Tuesday for some more fun!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just A Moment of Time

Yes, If you are wondering Noah did have a great birthday party today. Our families where here to join in the fun of all things boy and all things wheels. I worked on Patrick for a while trying to sway him to my thinking of the purchase of this new little toy. Now I know what you are thinking, give a 4 wheeler to a 3 year old? Well it only goes 2 miles per hour and Pat and I pretty much hover over the kids. There will not be a moment that he is not watch but boy is he happy. I loves this thing. Once Logan got on and showed him what he needed to do he took off like a rocket and loved it. Tonight, their big brother Josh showed them how to clean it. I looked over and they all had the baby wipes out and where cleaning her up. I love things like that, when they work together. And even more then that I love giving gifts the make the receivers mouth drop and heart skip a beat. We made that happen today!

Friday, September 26, 2008


My little Red Headed Chicken Plucker. I can't believe you are 3 today. We call him that because at the fair just before his first birthday the lady from 4-H bent over to show Noah the 3day old baby chick. Noah sat in the stroller very angelic petting the chick with one fingure. Then out of no where he reached over and pulled out every feather from the back of this chick. The 4-H lady was furious. My husband, Parents and I almost fell over. I had never seen a little hand move that fast before.
Now in this picture this is what he does when you say to him, "show me your smile". He is nothing but a ham. He loves to play pretend and when ever he sees someone he says "hi, I'm Noah" . I love all 4 of these kids with every inch of me. But the red head has a special place in my big old mommy heart. Maybe because he is the baby of the family. Or maybe just because he is Noah. So today I send out a GIANT HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY to my special boy and all the love I can give him!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Stars Are Out Tonight

I am a big fan of stars. There is so much that you can do with them. Here are my new chipboard stars that I can't wait to share with all of you! I am working on using these for my hall tree this year. I almost think I will leave them plan because I love the "kraft" color of the chipboard. Maybe I will glitter them and paint them white while I am at it. But what is great is that a couple sets of these strung on a small tree will look awesome. So I am off to play with them now that I have a bunch of sets made. Oh I know, I think I will do a upcoming ATC with them as well. Oh yes I can do a package tag with them. OK, I must go and get out my Archival inks so I can stamp "to" and "from" on them. Sorry kids, Mommy isn't making dinner tonight, she has to create.

Have a great night everyone and remember to list your 20 Favorite Little things about fall!


Monday, September 22, 2008

20 Little Things

Above image from Country Living Mag
There is something great going on over at The Inspired Room. Make a list of your 20 Favorite Autumn Little Things. Take a look at my list and then go check out The Inspired Room for more great Little Things!

1 Warm Cider Donuts

2 A big wool sweater

3 A roaring Fire

4 Apple Picking

5 Bitter Sweat

6 Pumpkins( that you grew yourself)

7 My moms pumpkin pie

8 Carmel over, on or in anything

9 A great craft show

10 Decorating anything that will stand still


12 A great new wreath

13 Trick or Treating

14 Lots of blankets piled on top of us

15 Changing the curtains to dark warm colors

16 A leaf falling beside me

17 All of my summer allergies go away...yah!

18 The crunch of frost on the lawn under your feet

19 Noahs, Moms and Dads Birthday

20 The Autumn is when I married my Patrick(saved the best for last)

Now lets see your favs!

What do you Mean, You've Never ATC'ed

Artist Trading Cards (ATC'S)are all the rage! They are little works of art. They are pocket sized collages that are just waiting for your creative side to come out. Many moons ago when I started teaching scrapbooking classes I thought that these larger 12 x 12 pages where too much for some people to fill. Your just starting out and you have to come up with a idea that fills that entire page. That is a lot. ATC's are a great alternative to getting your art on! Say you have a idea and you really just want to make something. These 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 little guys are the perfect fit.

So I have started creating blanks for people to just jump in and go to work on. I think you will love the feeling of getting something done quick and easy. Please ask if you have nay questions about these. I am going to start posting a weekly ATC that I have created so check back @ the end of each week for your weekly dose of mini creations!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Then End of Summer is Here!

As many of you know, I live by a large pond. It is lovely to look at and see all of the incredible wildlife that reside there. I work by large glass doors on my computer and this is one of the sunflowers that my Logan planted. I see it out my window and I am amazed that the tiny seed that was planted in the spring by a then 3 year old made such beauty and colors. But these beautiful colors come with a price. The end of summer. We live in a great area here in the North East if for nothing else the wonderful and brilliant change of seasons. I love harvesting the garden and decorating with pumpkins and bitter sweet. Next weekend we are going apple picking and to the hay maze. All of these things I love so much, but as a summer born gal I will miss the season of growing and warmth. So I can't decide if I am happy or sad that the seasons are changing? Wait a minute, This means new clothes and turtleneck sweaters. Plus a new handbag and shoes. Oh darn, here comes my husband and he can't see this shopping list of happiness. I must go, he can't stand it when I even think about spending money unless I am looking at chainsaws!
~ps...Have you seen all of those great things over at Brambleberry Lane?

Saturday, September 20, 2008


View my page on LolliShops Guild

We are all so excited that the Lolloshops will be opening for the upcoming Holiday Season. At the top of my blog you will see the link to the Lollishop Guild. The preparations are underway for this great new website full of very talented juried artists. I have been talking with some of the other vendors that will be on this site and let me tell you they are a incredible group of creative minds just waiting to share their wares with you. I highly recommend you bookmark this for future ref and make sure you check back to see the progress and the dates of opening. I will be making a weekly posting about the progress. So get excited and get ready to get shopping!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hello All! I have been a very busy girl making and posting new products. Plus finding new places to display them like Lollishops. I can't wait for that to open. Well the world of ATC'S and other fun products has been buzz buzz buzzing around here. The new stickers that I have out are going like hotcakes so jump in and enjoy some for yourself.

For everyone following the family, Logan is thriving in Pre-K. I can't explain how happy this little boy is. Mo and Jo are doing very well too. Morgan started High School. I can feel the grey hairs popping as we speak. Josh is in middle and his first modified football game is tonight. I love to watch him play football. You can really see the thrill he gets from playing it. Not to mention the emotional mother on the side lines trying not to run on the field and tackle everyone of those boys that knock into my beautiful baby. And as for number 4, Noah. He is very lonely all by himself. You can tell how much he misses Logan. But like his dad, he has the gift of TALK. He is not able to keep that cute little mouth shut for even two seconds. It is like having my own play by play of what is going on around me at all times. So I have had to switch to packing all of your items at night because the day time is getting a little busy with Noah amusement. But I wouldn't change a thing!

Alright, time to get back to a little creativity!


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sorry you have not heard from me in a few days. We just finished the entire back to school ritual. So we have all been a little crazy. I will do a big update on Friday.

But today is September 11th in my America. In the place I call home. In the place I am free to come and go as I please and raise my children with so many chances to be what ever they would like to be. But today is the day someone tried to change that. BUT THEY DIDN'T. We are still here and still strong. We are one nation under God and that will not change. So for all of those family that lost people I will pray for today and I hope everyone else will too!