Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just A Moment of Time

Yes, If you are wondering Noah did have a great birthday party today. Our families where here to join in the fun of all things boy and all things wheels. I worked on Patrick for a while trying to sway him to my thinking of the purchase of this new little toy. Now I know what you are thinking, give a 4 wheeler to a 3 year old? Well it only goes 2 miles per hour and Pat and I pretty much hover over the kids. There will not be a moment that he is not watch but boy is he happy. I loves this thing. Once Logan got on and showed him what he needed to do he took off like a rocket and loved it. Tonight, their big brother Josh showed them how to clean it. I looked over and they all had the baby wipes out and where cleaning her up. I love things like that, when they work together. And even more then that I love giving gifts the make the receivers mouth drop and heart skip a beat. We made that happen today!

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Maisyh said...

That is one seriously WICKED set of new wheels, my man!!! WOOHOO!!!