Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ad's Are a Great Jumping Off Point!

I, as you know, love the entire ACEO/ATC process. Making little works of art is so appealing to me. I love old images and the hunt for new ones is always a great challenge. There are so many great papers out there you can use but a little something different is always a great challenge to locate. I have created two sets of 10 each. As always they measure 2 1/2 x 3 1/2. Plus you will see them come out really tiny as well this week. These aren't only great as a background but won't they be fun to add dimension!

Also you will see my new product line called "TABLE SCRAPS". They will be different groups of products like a sampler pack. There will be chipboard, journal tags, stickers, stamps. Plus I shop a lot so you will see a great mixture of "this and that" as a added surprise. A great mix of items that will be perfect for you to try or to start out someone else on the road to creating. You always here people say..."I don't know where to start". With these packs you can start them out and a new passion will be born. The "TABLE SCRAPS" will also include ACEO/ATC groupings as well as TAG making SCRAPS. Stay tuned!


Monday, March 30, 2009

What Are You Working On?

It seems like I am never done. I always have something else to do. For this I am so lucky. I see so many people that just hang up life at a early age. They go through the motions like that is good enough. Not said the blond(freshly highlighted) girl! The list is never ending and always expanding. What is on your list? I start mine with family of course. They are the circle I swirl around all day long. To help get more energy for this I am starting a big exercise mission. I am approaching 40. Yes, there is still a year and a half to go. But I want to take this trip in style. I have finally let go of the dance in the back of my head of having just one more baby. Not that I was planning on it mom. I just think when you have a large family it just seems to be the natural thing to do. Unfortunately for me, I am not a good pregnant person. Things go a bit wrong and my health always comes into question on that 9 month journey. I am always totally blessed with beautiful healthy babies, but 4 is the limit. So it is time for the next step. The step where they all join me on my journey to change and my next 40 years. I see all of these people that say life starts at 40...I am jump starting that today.

I have been tearing my house apart as of late. Adding furniture and taking things away. Cleaning House so to speak. Moving and re purposing and all that goes along with it. It has been a mess just trying to accomplish all of this but it is coming together. Mirrors and pictures are being hung and moved and hung somewhere else. New wall adornments have been entering our home with the fear of commitment to a picture that is simply hanging on the wall falling to the wayside. Next is outside the house. Our yard is only 2 years old so things really have not started growing in a big way yet. This is OK but I need to add more. Plus all of my Brambleberry Lane stuff has been making its way all into my office/studio. Somehow things find there way around the house as I go through my day. I try to involve Noah in what ever I am doing so if he is in one room so am I.

So what does all of this mean? It means that as with spring, I new awakening is happening for me as well. A sort of total life change. The kind that will take a enormous amount of work, dedication and yes COFFEE. I am taking a journey to change many things about myself and I feel like that little train...I THINK I CAN! So stay tuned, maybe with these changes will come some more creative ideas and products that will be fun to play with and create with!

I don't think I showed you guys these cute little boy stickers. Check them out over at my shop!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Look What I found in My Hen House!

I went out to the Guinea house this morning and look what I found. It is my first EGG! I am so happy. I have never had a animal that laid a egg. I have now. Yes I know, this would not be exciting to most. But it was such a wonderful surprise for me this morning. It was this lovely little speckled egg sitting in the middle of the bedding. See, I love having new things that are simple and fresh happen. I think that many different experiences make you a better and more cultured person. Now I know when you hear the word "culture" you don't think of eggs being laid. But culture is a combination of many different experiences that create a more open minded person to all of the possibilities in life.

So here are my new little girl stickers. I love to make bright and flashy stickers. And I really love my black on ivory stickers. So these will be great for a baby shower, new baby girl thank you notes or a princess birthday party invite. They are pretty and pink. I stop by again for the boy version of these stickers!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

LEPRECHAUNS ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See I told you Leprechauns are real!

Being a part of a large Irish family, some of us are luckier then others to have are own built in LEPRECHAUN. Yup, that is my baby boy and he fits the day to a tee. The red hair and the fair skin makes him a shoe in for Leprechaun of the Year. You can't really see the beautiful blue eyes in the picture but I think they hail from my Polish roots. The cornbeef is already in the pot and the dinner will melt in the mouths of this family of 6 later on. I hope you all have a great St. Patricks Day!


Monday, March 16, 2009


I love Easter time so it is easy to make some really cute things. I was playing with my ATC obsession when I realized I needed bunny stickers. I also used this bunny image in my journal spots for Easter. I just can't get enough of him. I love the entire vintage look for Easter. There are so many great things out there you can fined to create a wonderful spring environment with. These are going on all sorts of things that I will be mailing. I will also add them to the kids Easter page. I think I am going to do the page in cream, black and kraft colors. Then make sure all of the photos are full of color that POPS! The colors of Easter are so great and why not make them jump off the page!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

I have been on a creating craze. I am adding a bunch of new products this week. I love creating as you all know but there are times when I just can't stop myself and there is tons of new stuff flowing. I added these about a week ago and the layered flower is one of my favorites. First of all they are a great inexpensive embellishment for you to add to your stash of creativity. They measure about 2"'s so they are perfect for the front of a card or maybe a GREAT gift tag. This set is a mixture of reds, greys, yellows and white. And of course, pink for good measure.

This next set is the perfect combo of greens, pinks, cream, a wonderful neutral grey and some great glitter. I love the basic soft browns that are a great outline yet are not to over the top dark. And as always when you mix these beautiful Amy Butler papers with a great crystal brad they come together to create a fabulous little flower.

So what is next? Well stay tuned all this week for the daily launch of new products created by ME for Brambleberry Lane!