Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ad's Are a Great Jumping Off Point!

I, as you know, love the entire ACEO/ATC process. Making little works of art is so appealing to me. I love old images and the hunt for new ones is always a great challenge. There are so many great papers out there you can use but a little something different is always a great challenge to locate. I have created two sets of 10 each. As always they measure 2 1/2 x 3 1/2. Plus you will see them come out really tiny as well this week. These aren't only great as a background but won't they be fun to add dimension!

Also you will see my new product line called "TABLE SCRAPS". They will be different groups of products like a sampler pack. There will be chipboard, journal tags, stickers, stamps. Plus I shop a lot so you will see a great mixture of "this and that" as a added surprise. A great mix of items that will be perfect for you to try or to start out someone else on the road to creating. You always here people say..."I don't know where to start". With these packs you can start them out and a new passion will be born. The "TABLE SCRAPS" will also include ACEO/ATC groupings as well as TAG making SCRAPS. Stay tuned!


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