Thursday, May 28, 2009


So I have been working on matchy matchy stuff. I have many wonderful loyal customers that fall in love with some of the images that I use and they want to incorporate them in other areas of their lives. Sometimes I send bookplates to my brides when they order their seals from me(the printed images). I just started doing this and they all are so happy to have them. Then the other day I had a bride that had ordered her seals and said she received these and wanted to order some to go in with her attendants gifts. What ever do you mean? I make something that I don't offer to the masses because my blond right brained head forgets to work. Yup, that is me...right brained AmyLynn. So here they are kids, the beginning of the many bookplates that you will all be seeing over the next few weeks. I figured I will list a few new ones every couple of days. Plus I have been doing that thing where I roll a idea around in my head over and over. Here is my latest...I wanted to be able to have a display that can go in the register area or maybe stationary area of some of the great gift shops out there. You know with my stickers and maybe bookplates on them. What do you think? I would love your feedback. Plus if you know a store near you that they would fit into let me know. The one thing I have always said about my stickers, is when people get them in their hand it is a totally different reaction. Sure they like the little 1x1 picture on line. But once they get them home they really feel the love. Now if anyone helps me make a connection out there in gift shop world and set up a display happens, next I will have a great big pack of goodies to send them! So let me know if any of you great gals out in online space have a fav country store or gift shop suggestion!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The flowers are a bloomin here at Brambleberry Lane. I love making layered flowers. They give that extra something to the page while keeping you interested with dimension. I layer these tasty little nibblets with a cute little crystal brad that gives them that extra shine. They are sure to catch your eye.

The first set pictured above, is perfect for spring and summer. The wonderful greens and yellows are made to pop with the addition of orange. I love anything orange with summer lay outs.

This next set will work great with anything that you want to add that vintage look to. Maybe you are doing a western theme and want to add a bit of dimension. These are perfect because there is nothing too girly about these flowers. I know you will love them.

I have been waiting for these beautiful papers that where back ordered on me. They are 6 x 6 and there are 24 different patterns of black and cream to off white. They even feature some great flocking. I am sure you will be happy with these as well. Oh and yes they are card stock weight!


Saturday, May 23, 2009


One of the great new spinners from Cosmo Cricket

Okay, here are this weeks SEVEN THINGS I SAW ON SATURDAY. These are different products that I have run into that I think would be darn fun to create with. Some may be things you have seen before, others will be brand new to you and I so lets see what we find this week...

Cosmo Cricket

Maya Road (I carry these yummy cupcakes)

Cropadile Big Bite

Camping Flash cards from Brambleberry Lane

Cosmo Robots Maya Road Tree Album

Now many of you are seasoned scrappers and artists in the world of trading cards. But some people are just starting out, so I am trying to mix it up for all. I love all of the options out there. Being in the industry I am always amazed at what I fined. If you have any questions about these product please let me know. If I don't carry them I will show you where you can get your hands on these fun creative products. Time to go for ice cream so have a great night!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Are You Working With Today?

I love these ribbon buckles. Sometimes a get these great little things and then stair at them. First I think, aren't they just grand. Then I think, I don't want to use them on the wrong project and then be without them when I want to use them. Can you see my problem here? I love little things like this. I am sure it goes back to my child hold when I would take a bunch of little trinkets under my cape to church and inevitable drop them all when it was quite. I am good at being loud and making noise. I have never been called a shrinking violet that is for sure. Any who, I need to get over it and start playing with some of these fun little toys around here.
I have them in brass squares,

as well as ovals.

Oh yeah and these darn cute rectangles.

Aren't they all so much fun. You can also slip them over paper, not just ribbon. I love adding accents that have dimension. The shine of these guys will really catch your eye and add to your next project!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh What a Day!

I think it is fitting that on mothers day we spent time with baby sheep, don't you? We went to my cousin Tiffany's house for Lunch and Tea. We had such a wonderful day. She workS at a Sheep Dairy. Yup, I had no idea that you could milk sheep. I guess they aren't just for pretty LL Bean sweaters. So below is Logan and Morgan feeding a 2 day old lamb that Tiff is holding.
My Logan also enjoying a bit of Baseball!

Two of our wonderful hosts, Jim, Tiffs hubby and their beautiful daughter Emily!

Megan, Noah, Abby, Morgan and Logan all trying to hold on to their Lamb Bottles for dear life. You can not believe how hard a 2 day old lamb can suck on a bottle.

Any who, It was a most wonderful day with my 4 babies and the rest of our family. Sometimes just sitting and talking a while is the best medicine for what ever is your issues in life. Once and a while we need to put down our glue sticks and go out there and make those memories at a slow pace to scrap about. Finding something simple is so rewarding in our crazy fast pace life. Holding the hand of your son, walking from barn to barn, and him taking the time at 12 years old to say I hope your having a good Mothers Day, makes everything worth while. Some times the price of happiness is just slowing down and seeing it right in front of you. I can truly say I saw it at a little dairy farm in the country!


Sunday, May 10, 2009


I am teaching a beginners class this week. I love teaching beginners in the spring because you can use happy colors that are some times unexpected. I love combining red and purple. The two colors make each other pop. When ever I do a beginner class it is cut and paste. I pick great colors(that all match) and then the work speaks for itself. When someone has never done scrapbooking or really hasn't created anything like that, it is a big task to then ask them to pick papers and colors. If they don't make the first project turn out well they can turn away from creating all together. Especially the first timers want to have a great result. We all know how much fun and how great it is to add paper and photos to show the wonderful times our family has had together. But passing on that pleasure to others can be just as rewarding. What are you going to teach a friend to do?

Well I must be off to spend Mothers Day with my mom, sister and cousins. To all of the moms out there, especially my mother in-law, sister in laws and girlfriends. Happy Mothers Day!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hi All!

So sorry I have been hiding under the covers. WELL......not really. Just very busy. Between the biz and the kids, something had to give. Unfortunately it was one of my favorite things, blogging. See I figured out the other day while trying to get the sand out of my 4 year old's hair. You know, the sand the 3 year old put there. I realized that I like to blog because it is the only time someone listens and does not interrupt my thoughts. I mean come on people, do we truly get that from the people we live with. I think not. They need that cute little shirt ironed. Or can't find a belt to hold his pants up at work. Oh, Oh I know my favorite...can't find something in the fridge when I can see it sitting on the shelf from the family room. So yes, when I don't blog the only one who suffers is ME!

But I promise I will be here on Thursday with some new inspiration for you all. A couple of new items I have been working on. And yes what ever funny, cute or totally strange has happened to us here on the pond!