Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh What a Day!

I think it is fitting that on mothers day we spent time with baby sheep, don't you? We went to my cousin Tiffany's house for Lunch and Tea. We had such a wonderful day. She workS at a Sheep Dairy. Yup, I had no idea that you could milk sheep. I guess they aren't just for pretty LL Bean sweaters. So below is Logan and Morgan feeding a 2 day old lamb that Tiff is holding.
My Logan also enjoying a bit of Baseball!

Two of our wonderful hosts, Jim, Tiffs hubby and their beautiful daughter Emily!

Megan, Noah, Abby, Morgan and Logan all trying to hold on to their Lamb Bottles for dear life. You can not believe how hard a 2 day old lamb can suck on a bottle.

Any who, It was a most wonderful day with my 4 babies and the rest of our family. Sometimes just sitting and talking a while is the best medicine for what ever is your issues in life. Once and a while we need to put down our glue sticks and go out there and make those memories at a slow pace to scrap about. Finding something simple is so rewarding in our crazy fast pace life. Holding the hand of your son, walking from barn to barn, and him taking the time at 12 years old to say I hope your having a good Mothers Day, makes everything worth while. Some times the price of happiness is just slowing down and seeing it right in front of you. I can truly say I saw it at a little dairy farm in the country!