Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yes I am a bit corny. I have started making STICKERS! I am in love with them. First, I started with some of the incredible images I have here. Then I have moved into my wonderful papers. I love paper and boy can you make some beautiful stickers with them. I love things that are fun for kids, but make adults feel like kids. Stickers are just the ticket.

Ok, what else is going on? I have some new journal spots coming out and I have started making my own line of Chipboard Albums. Many of my orders are arriving with the great commercial products that I search for. So sit back and don't worry, I'll do the shopping, you just create! Oh yes, and put on the coffee, because it is hard to scrapbook if it is not over coffee!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Flowers in Spring!

Yes, Spring is right around the corner. I have created a ton of things with flowers. I am adding them a little at a time all of this week. Plus some FAB-U-LOUS products should be arriving from 7 Gypsies. And we all love 7 Gypsies. They just Merged with Chatterbox so that is totally great. I can not wait until the combined order start arriving of thier new products plus Chatterbox. We should see those in a couple of weeks. But for now we will all be happy with the incredible 7 Gypsies on there way.
Here is a little peak at one of my many new layered flowers. And wait until you see the scrapbooks and stickers. I am work, work, working on so many things that I think you will love. Also this week I will list some of the most incredible Creative websites I have ran into. You meet so many incredible people with a online Biz and I would like you all to meet some of them as well. More to come.......

Create something FABULOUS today!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I am Standing on my Mommy Stump!

As I love to talk about my biz and everything creative, I must add this bit of well joy as a mom. Well I should say of a mom of a Type 1 Diabetic. The FDA has just approved a new constant read glucose monitor. This is huge. Well at least in my heart. My daughter is 14 and was diagnosed at 6. And to be very frank doesn't go with the program all of the time. But as anyone that knows me can tell you, I am a bit of a nag. I won't let her fall. If she can't walk this journey, I will toss her on my back and walk it with her. So this link brings you to a little joy in the heart of a mom that wants to live to 100 with a 76 year old daughter hosting the party!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Did you know I moved? Well I did and here I am. I love change and it is what keeps me going. I am not sure what a peaceful night at home is because there is always something to take care of, run to, or pick up from practice. Anywho, I need to get my self together, move some pictures and we will be off and running here at our new home.

Pictures will start posting soon of all the fun to come with Brambleberry Lane!