Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One More Time Before Years End!

I often wonder how others feel about this night of nights. Are you out having a great time or home packing away Christmas decorations? I myself am working. Yes, I have many ideas for the New Year and if I don't jump on them now they will fly out of my head. Plus I have been adding products to my new site The entire power outage and Christmas really set me behind in everything, especially my new site. But no matter, I am rolling now. But back to my question at hand, do you love the moment the ball drops or sleep right to the a.m. without a care in the world? The latter is me. Sure, if there wasn't a sick 4 year old upstairs and three other little people around here I may think of being out jumping up and down. You know like those days gone by where I actually did things like that. But now knowing that all my chicks are tucked in tight will do just fine.

Plus mom and dad are on my mind while they vacation. Did I mention that if my parents are even gone for a day it makes me crazy. No, not because I am a mama's girl but because we are all so tight. There is a line from the movie "The Family Stone"...what makes you all so special? We're not special, we're just all we've got! I love that movie. And it is true...around here family is TOTALLY NUMBER ONE! And not just the 6 of us, the outside arms of the family tree as well. I grew up with these funny kind of odd couple parents. Mom, VERY STRONG, yet reserved. Dad, well I don't think I have enough pages to write about all of the colorful things that he taught Wendy and I. But for sure we where taught that your have to rely on your family or you will stand alone. Friends are VERY important, but that backbone, when you are lucky enough to have it, is what you fall back on. This must be why there are so many kids running around here. We've got TONS of backbone.

Anyways, I really just jumped on to say so long to a wonderful year for us in our little house in the big woods. We are totally blessed with each other and everyone that surrounds us. I am so proud to be a part of this family and all of our extended families. So on that note Happy New Year to all...GOOD NIGHT IRENE!


Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Back!

Yes, that is ice! I can not believe when I am in full Christmas swing around here we get the worst Ice Storm that NY has seen in Decades. We had no power for just over 5 LONG days. And no cable or phone for a week. Which meant no COMPUTER. You really get the entire how hard it is to live with out the incredible things like power or cable services. These things pretty much run our family and my little Brambleberry Lane. Yup, it shut me right down but hey, what are you going to do. These things happen. I am sure it could have been worse. We where lucky that we did not have damage to our cars or home when many others did.
Alrighty then, I better get back to sending out some orders and doing all of those last minute holiday things.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here Comes Some Snow!

Well it looks like we are getting some winter weather here in the North East. What better time to make lots of yummy food and dec, dec, decorate your family home. That is what the 6 of us will be doing this evening. It was supposed to be Morgans Christmas concert, but the weather and date have changed in that department. So I figured if no one has a reason to go out this evening why not crank up the tunes.
After I dropped off Logan at Pre-school I created this fun ATC. It is todays artist trading card for my 25 days of Christmas. I used one of my chipboard base cards and went from there. I was adding a few layers to this so that is usually when I start off with a chipboard card. I then layered on some great Basic Grey paper and cut a star out of white chipboard. I added the glass glitter to the white star and I love the way it looks like it is floating in the frame. The Christmas tree(also from Brambleberry Lane embellishments) was to big to fit on the 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" card. I cut a section out of the bottom of the tree and added a band of card stock to make it all fit. I love the idea of things sticking out here and there on the ATC's. They are going to be on a rounder or you can punch a hole and add a ring to make into a little book. So keep tuning in and see what is next. But how simple it is to make a great little keepsake of the holiday season!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Today is December 8th. Most people celebrate Birthday's and Anniversaries. I celebrate the day I was RIGHT! As many of you know my oldest has Type 1 Diabetes. For months I took,at the time, a 6 year old little girl back and forth to a doctor that told me she was just fine and nothing was wrong. The entire time looking at me like I was a over worried mother. Not so. I knew that there was something wrong with a child that went from the corner cupboard to the bread drawer, and finished off at the fridge and never gained weight. She complained of her stomach hurting and headaches. I would tell the doctor and he would send me on my way. This began in September of 99' and went on this way until the morning of December 8th when I looked in the bedroom door and I could see all of her bones down her back as she was dressing for school. Not to mention the fact that she could barely stand there and get herself dressed.

Next mama bear kicked in. I grabbed her and baby Josh. Dropped Josh off at my moms and walked into the Peds office one more time. In my arms was a little girl that could hardly function and had no fat on her bones. She was 10 pounds less then just weeks before. I, in a very not nice voice said, somebody better tell me what is wrong with this child and stop blowing me off! They quickly got me out of the waiting room and in the back. Then it happened. With in all of 5 minutes, mine and Morgans life changed forever. The Doc looked at me and said I think you should sit down. I still to this day can't believe they actually say that in real life. Morgan was on the table and I in a chair when he said...Your daughters sugar reading is 576. We believe she has Diabetes and we need to decide if we should get her to Albany Med in a ambulance RIGHT NOW. I am not sure what my face looked like, but what ever it was Morgan could tell something was really wrong because she began to cry. I felt a tear roll down my face and in that moment I became the most strong, driven and in charge person ever. I told him he had done enough screwing up and to call Albany Med and tell them I was coming. I grabbed her up and it seemed like I flew there. In case you didn't know I LOVE to drive. I want to go to one of those race car schools for my 40th birthday. Not because I am into NASCAR or anything. Just because I grew up on motorcycles and speed and I love it. Haven't grown up yet in that department. Any who, we got to Albany Med and I left 7 hours later with all of these needles, insulin and a new life for me and Mo.

Here is the big BUT. But I can take care of my kid. I can test her sugar. Make sure her pump is functioning properly and that she is eating. I AM THE LUCKIEST MOM IN THE WORLD BECAUSE I CAN HELP MY GIRL. So many parents have other health issues with their children that they can't help with or fix. So if something had to be wrong then I am blessed. I will take the DIABETES DRAGON and I will slay it everyday. And as much as Morgan( now almost 15) fights me back, I will be here to kick her into gear and hold her up when it just becomes to hard some days. I can't imagine what it is like to be her but I can only hope that this makes her stronger. And that she realizes how incredible and important that she is to me and our family. She is my only girl and I wouldn't have it any other way. She is so lovely and giving and the best friend that a mom could ever have. So here is to our anniversary Morgan. The day I was right I hope you will always know was the day your mom and you took each others hand and went into the future together as one. You will never stand alone!

Create Something Fabulous Today!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Traditions are wonderful things. They're something you look forward to year after year. A few years ago, Amy and I started a Gingerbread House building contest that was held on Thanksgiving. Our combined 7 children were able to kick off the Christmas Season & have a little traditional family competition at the same time. Gram and Gramp are always the building judges. They coincidentally always score the two structures in a tie, (which drive the kids crazy)!!!

Another tradition we love is from our childhood. In our Home you could not play Christmas music before 3:00pm on Thanksgiving Day. Our Dad always wanted to have one holiday at a time. We would beg him to let us play Christmas music before Turkey Day, but he would never give in. As children, we would wait anxiously primed with a Christmas Album on the record player for the 3:00 bell. "BING BING BING" went the clock. "ZEET SCRATCH" went the record player arm. Then, we would listen. Elvis would sing "Blue Christmas" ahhh... Christmas had begun.

This year, after not having a record player for some time, our mother surprised us with a player they had bought on-line. We've always played 3pm Christmas CD's for our children and they love the tradition. But this year the record player made it feel like Amy and I were kids again. Not to mention our children were amazed by this old fashion contraption called a record player. Start some traditions with your family, you'll never regret it. ~Wendy

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Have You Checked Out Lollishops Yet?

So I am proud to be part of the new Sensation sweeping the Internet called Lollishops! It is kind of like the idea of Etsy but WAY BETTER. You can not believe the amount of incredible creative minds that where hand chosen to join this community of artists. I feel that I am in very good company. I am truly thrilled to be a part of a group where people are really in it to better themselves and others. So many times in the past, you will come across people that are thrilled you are a artist but when they find out that you have kids they think of this as just a hobby for her. Not at Lollishops. I have not met one negative nelly. People are just trying to get their work out there no matter what their background or their "other job". People help each other with tech issues if they see someone stuck rather then sitting waiting for a IT guy to fix your problems. People come together like a community should, wow I am impressed.
If you get a second, take a look at the Lollishops and let me now what you think. I am sure you will enjoy every minute of your time spent there. So many things to look at and enjoy. A real feel of times past or childhood memories. It is hard to explain, but you will all see when you get there. So please stop by my shop and visit some of the other great people at Lollishops.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Do You Like to Stamp?

You have got to add these darn cute little stamps to your collection of Christmas Stuff. I just got some new ones in, but they are great to have on hand. If you are in your local office supply store, grab a package of the blank shipping tags( go on to my site and order some from me with your next package of yummy stickers). Then with these little stamps you can make a quick tag to run out the door with or sit with a hot cup of coffee and make a bunch up. If you want to save money these days, avoiding the card isle at your local store is a easy way. There are a bunch of different themes. Just so to the right side of your screen on my site and you will see a section called "STAMPS AND TINS" All of these fun stamps can be found there.

What's up next? I have started some new Atc's that are base cards for you to add your own creations to. From teapots to crowns there will be something for everyone. Plus, I will be having a ATC PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAY starting in just over a week. Details will follow but if you have ever thought of starting with this fun little art form now would be the time to leave a comment to be entered in to the drawing. So watch for the post titled ATC PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAY then leave your comment!