Saturday, December 6, 2008

Have You Checked Out Lollishops Yet?

So I am proud to be part of the new Sensation sweeping the Internet called Lollishops! It is kind of like the idea of Etsy but WAY BETTER. You can not believe the amount of incredible creative minds that where hand chosen to join this community of artists. I feel that I am in very good company. I am truly thrilled to be a part of a group where people are really in it to better themselves and others. So many times in the past, you will come across people that are thrilled you are a artist but when they find out that you have kids they think of this as just a hobby for her. Not at Lollishops. I have not met one negative nelly. People are just trying to get their work out there no matter what their background or their "other job". People help each other with tech issues if they see someone stuck rather then sitting waiting for a IT guy to fix your problems. People come together like a community should, wow I am impressed.
If you get a second, take a look at the Lollishops and let me now what you think. I am sure you will enjoy every minute of your time spent there. So many things to look at and enjoy. A real feel of times past or childhood memories. It is hard to explain, but you will all see when you get there. So please stop by my shop and visit some of the other great people at Lollishops.

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