Friday, September 25, 2009


So these are the cookie holders I am making for the Christmas Season Cookie Swap. Any cookie will taste better in this container. What a simple project that make a big statement. And here is what you will need...

We Wish you a Merry Christmas paper set

A paint can unused or even a small box



Trim w/ beads

This is so simple. Just cover the can with the paper. Take the ornament paper and cut out the shapes. Next assemble by layering them at different lengths of ribbon. After that I wrapped around the beaded ribbon and finished it off with a bit of white fibers to give it more of a dramatic look.

If you want to step it up you can add a crackle medium or some other time of Liquid glass to give it that old ornament feel. I added the Liquid glass to the dots and other areas and it turned out great.

This is another easy project that you don't have to spend a ton of money to create yet you are giving a really beautiful gift from the heart. Let me know how yours turns out!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anyone can feel like a artist after putting together a Artist Trading Card. Here is my Thursday Trading Card for all the world to see. It is such great fun, as I have said before, in a short amount of time to have a great little finished piece. You can mix and match themes and colors and come up with so many great ideas. I love to layer. I like to layer colors, embellishments, papers and inks. Using items that are printed as well as stamped makes for a great combo. Or try using just a single item in a paper. For instance the flowers behind his head. They are cut out of a 12 by 12 and inked on the edges to pop! I added some crackle medium for the lines in the leaf and there is all sorts of fun techniques going on here. Put together all of those things you already know how to do and then add something new you haven't tried and you will love the results!

Well back to creating and to all of the fun of mommy hood.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have been working on a little travel log from our summer outings. Once a week a bunch of us got together and did fun things that the kids would enjoy. Well truth be told, we loved it as well. So many beautiful summer days spent in a park or on a beach. I love giving the kids these memories to build on. The base group was my mom, my sis and her girls and me and my 4. Then others came and went in out of the group as the weeks went on. I truly miss those fun gatherings of family but now we will have this mini album to look back upon it all.

I love these little spiral books with heavy ivory card stock on the inside to mount all of your fun memories to. Now I have been looking in other places and I have found some great sources for ribbon and binding. I love this green. It really goes with the Vintage look. I layered it with a clock and this lovely traveling lady. Between the compass and the letters it does have a old feeling.

Alright, I am back to work to fill the pages with fun and pretty pictures!


Monday, September 14, 2009


Well here I go again with one of my new favorite things to use when creating. I have a tone of clothing patterns. When you look at things for a different use it can really turn out great. Many times with backgrounds it is very hard to find just he right paper. Especially for someone that loves to use tans, ivory, and cream and they don't exist to your liking. Patterns to the rescue. It is totally thin. It wrinkles perfectly and it adds a great addition of dimension to your project. And don't get me started on the way it takes ink.

On this snowflake gift box, I used some fabulous die cut snowflakes to decorate with. And here is how simple it was...

  1. Put glue on the areas that I wanted the pattern paper to stick to.
  2. Scrunched up the pattern paper then partially smoothe it over the areas with the glue
  3. If you did not tear enough off just add a small piece to cover the box(it all melts together and you can not see the patched areas, plus it adds a great color effect.)
  4. I took a brown ink pad and and gently went over the paper to only highlight the wrinkles.
  5. Glue down the snowflakes making sure to go off the edges with them (this gives a much more pleasing and natural look.)

Make a matching tag and tie it on!

You now have a great simple gift box for the holiday season. I think packaging is key to a wonderful present. Simple backed goods can be brought up to a whole new level with great packaging. Below you can see close up the great effect you get from using the clothing pattern paper.

This next card as well was so simple, but with adding the music paper as garland you get something a little extra special. I cut out all of the card stock and inked the edges. Next I die cut the tree and added some glue where I wanted the garland to stick down. Gave a little "back and forth fold" to the music paper and held it down a minute until the glue dried a bit. So simple and so pretty. Hard to see in the picture but I added some great crackle to the star to stand out more. And there you have it. Another simple and fun card made in minutes. The longest part of this one is the crackle dry time.

The cardstock for both projects can be found at BRAMBLEBERRY LANE!


Thursday, September 10, 2009


For months I thought about how much work I could get done all by myself. I planned out my days and shopping trips that would be peaceful and without fighting or asking me for something. Well, they all started school this week and I have lost my hearing from all the SILENCE. First of all my Lab is not the best company when you hold up your latest paper creation and ask her what she thinks. At least when I asked my youngest the answer would always be..."pretty mommy"! My husband still has time off and he just keeps asking me questions and talking about generators. So what does this all mean? I MISS MY KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know, it will get better soon. But all of my babies off to school is not as much fun as I thought it would be. So to my beautiful babies, all four of you, you are deeply missed and the best moment of my day now is the minute you walk off that bus. I love you all, and I am so proud of the four of you. You will all do great this year I am sure of it!

Alright, I am off to make a handy dandy little first day of school mini book!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hello all of my Scrapalicious friends! I have been taking apart this fabulous tree album that Maya road created and turning it into a Autumn Banner, and you can to.

I have simply taken the wonderful little tree and covered it with some great Cosmo Cricket paper. I love these papers with there warm colors, they truly give the feel of falling leaves and warm apple pie. I punched leaves out of the coordinating papers to adhere to the trees. After inking the edges of all the papers, (this truly finishes off what ever you are working on) I started putting it all together.

Using Rangers great Crackle medium, I covered some of the leaves, which really gave a great veining affect. And other leaves I covered with the clear coat so they had dimension. Next, I didn't have the proper size letters for the word "FALL". So I printed them off the computer, cut them out, and covered them with a clear coat. This is a simple way to get what you want and easily make it look great.

With the addition of some great black and white ribbon, (that I added brown ink to) I strung it all together to hang. So what do you all think? So simple to do and you will love the result. Just pick your favorite fall papers and make it all your own. Hey I am picturing some great winter colors, with a snow bird in the tree... Oh no I need to take apart another book now!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fair Season In Full Swing!

So this is how our day at the fair started. With me trying to buckle the boys into the stroller when Logan grabbed the camera and took a picture of me. Now I know what the two of them see all the time. Boy is my smile crocked.

From the boys getting to explore a old train car to Patrick on the big giant slide, fun was overflowing everywhere.

They loved riding the motorcycles as well as the spin they took me on. We went on the teacup ride and Logan found it very amusing to spin mommy round and round.

They totally love riding together on everything!

Logan wanted to have his picture taken with this cow so bad but was a bit afraid of getting to close.

Then there where the ducks. Logan has not stopped talking about them. He wants one so bad. I tried to explain the entire thing about them not staying that size forever. Then little Noah decided to inform his big brother that there was no mommy in with the chicks and it all went south fast. Once again Noah's horns came out at the worst moment!

Everyone had fun. Now it is on to this weeks fair in our town. We are dropping off all of the kids entries today. The food will be judged as well as the things they created. Big hopes for lots of ribbons. I don't know where they get their creativity from!