Saturday, June 2, 2012




I am so excited about the berries in the yard.  They are all starting to pop into some yum, yum, yummy berry goodness.  The raspberries have been here now for 3 years.  I brought some wonderful little transplants from my moms house.  We just planted the Blackberries and 3 different types of Blueberries this year.  The new ones don't have much but I am excited about every last one.  

Fuji Apple

We also added a Red Delicious, Fuji apple and two Pear trees, a Bartlett and and Keifer.  The Fuji is a Dwarf that was already about 6 feet tall and we got it for a steal.  It was on sale at Home Depot for only $14.98.  Already they consider this the end of the season, that's okay, I'll take it.
Growing our own food can be work but we are trying to add things to the yard that we will have around for years to come.  I love the idea of walking out in my yard and grabbing a piece of the fruit.  And with 4 kids and the price of food, it is a great investment in our health as well as our financial future.


Friday, June 1, 2012

So just a quick hello to the world.  Today my son was a Leaf Cutting Ant in the Rain Forest.  He is in the top pic in the center and my daughter started her first real job.  She has done all of the girly things over the years like babysitting but this is the real deal with paychecks and everything.  The funniest part was when she found out that what you get paid an hour is not what you take home.  The look on her face was priceless.
Well the thunderstorms are starting so I better hit publish and get off the web for now!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

From Gram to Me

Many years ago I was given a few of my Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers peonies.  My mother had a couple in her yard and my great aunt(grams sister) had some in hers.  Unfortunately, about 13 years ago I had to move from the home. I had transplanted them there and my wonderful parents where kind enough to dig them up and adopt them for me until I landed in my home.  In the moving here and there we had many roots multiplied so we where lucky enough to separate them again and have more. 

But when I moved this plant you could tell it was very old.  The root system was giant.  As I walked across the yard to place it in its new home I realized that my grandmother had one day long ago, planted these peonies just as I was.  In my hands was something that she so lovingly took care of and I wanted to do the same. 
Now I know that everyone has something passed down like a wonderful vase or a beautiful tea cup and that is very important.  But the fact that I am the third generation to take care and grow these plants every year seems to me to be very special.  Just like my Grandmother was to me!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy Time!

 I have been working like a crazy person on the new line of jewelry that features my prints.  I am trying to design and build as quick as I can before the kids finish school for the year.  Above are a couple of great ones.  First is a travel poster and the second, the face of Les Miserables which is coming out as a movie shortly.
I have also added a couple of Marilyn.  I fell in love with the new show Smash on NBC so I decided to go along and bring a couple of Marilyn ones along for the ride.
I have a bunch more black and white on colored backgrounds coming out this week and I will up date those here shortly and of course the holiday ones are on the way.
Hope you enjoy these and check them all out on our jewelry site


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prom Time!

Mo before Prom
Josh and Amanda

Patrick and I with Morgan
Chuck, Annie, Morgan and Patrick

                                                                   Well at least for me, Thank God Prom Is Over.  It has become a monster of giant size.  It was Morgans last because she is a senior so that was bitter sweat.  But Josh still has a couple more years of this fun.  How exciting.  They all look fabulous and it is a moment in time that I will not forget. 
Now that prom is behind us it is time to get ready for graduation.  I am currently trying out many different waterproof mascaras.  Here come the waterworks and there is no holding them back!