Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New ATC's Are Here

Boy do these ever make me happy. I wish you all could see the list of things that I WANT to make. Sometimes, the products roll right off the old AmyLynn production line. Other times they take a back seat to what ever the hot things is. These are one of those things that I have been wanting to make. Plus there is a Wonderland set on the side bar for your curious eyes to see. I am just taken with this entire ATC concept because you can create these little works of art in no time. My rounder still isn't here. I can't wait for it to arrive. Plus I ordered the rounders and the punches to sell in the store. So much fun so little time. And I am making my list get finished, well and added more to everyday. I keep pushing for that giant studio. I will keep pushing and pushing until that happens. And while we wait, sit back and enjoy these!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Have You Ever Been Without Your Computer?

So, the cable company had some issues which caused me to have a big issue. How do you ship to people if you can't see their address or order...ahhhhhhh! I was a little crazy there for two days. I went to my mom and dads and snapped a bunch off to get done. Thank the Lord for Ed and Linda! But I am finally back on line and happy happy happy! I am on my way to get my hair done. Even being born and living most of my life as a Blondie. It hasn't stayed that way lets say. So I am going to go pay another person to make me feel all warm and fuzzy and look pretty to. The top pic is of this past weekend at the apple orchard with the boys. We all had a ball.
Have you all checked into see the new items that are being rolled out? I got a little behind with adding them in with the computer outage but we are back on schedule now. Some new papers should be coming tonight. And how about those Matchbook notebooks? Are these fun or what? You can add a touch of pretty paper to every ones stocking without breaking the bank. Plus this weeks new ATC will be coming too. So much fun!
Alright, keep your fingers crossed that the guy in the bucket truck knows what he is doing and we have a great connection now.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

ATC's Take One!

Well, here we go into this great big world of little artist creations. First of all, always add the ink! When you ink the edges of the paper boy does it make a difference. The cut marks and the white core of the paper just fades. You need to get your self a great light brown and dark brown ink pad. These can be used with so many colors. Black can be handy too but the brown is softer and gives a great look. Adding little things like the keys are really fun. And don't even get me started about the layered flowers or incredible Cosmo Cricket paper that is two sided so you can't mess up with complimentary papers. This will be perfect to add a little weekend picture to. But remember in this Journey into ATC's we are also going to have ones that layer in that are without pictures. So many ideas in just a little time. And wait till we start hanging on the rounders!