Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Have You Ever Been Without Your Computer?

So, the cable company had some issues which caused me to have a big issue. How do you ship to people if you can't see their address or order...ahhhhhhh! I was a little crazy there for two days. I went to my mom and dads and snapped a bunch off to get done. Thank the Lord for Ed and Linda! But I am finally back on line and happy happy happy! I am on my way to get my hair done. Even being born and living most of my life as a Blondie. It hasn't stayed that way lets say. So I am going to go pay another person to make me feel all warm and fuzzy and look pretty to. The top pic is of this past weekend at the apple orchard with the boys. We all had a ball.
Have you all checked into see the new items that are being rolled out? I got a little behind with adding them in with the computer outage but we are back on schedule now. Some new papers should be coming tonight. And how about those Matchbook notebooks? Are these fun or what? You can add a touch of pretty paper to every ones stocking without breaking the bank. Plus this weeks new ATC will be coming too. So much fun!
Alright, keep your fingers crossed that the guy in the bucket truck knows what he is doing and we have a great connection now.

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Melissa said...

Hello~I was stopping by as a fellow Lollishops gal to say hello and add myself as a follower to your blog. So many cute things here- I just love your stuff! I cant wait for lollishops to open.
Stop by and visit if you have a chance