Sunday, November 29, 2009


Oh my gosh I love this new album. It is made up of a Santa Hat, Christmas Tree, Mitten, Ornament, Snowman and a Gingerbread Man! And it is only $2.50!!!! This chipboard album would make a great quick little Christmas gift to make or just give as is. But the other thought I am working on is each one being a super special gift tag. Oh yeah, they would be perfect as a gift tag.

You can find it at either or

So many ideas you could use for this set just get working. There isn't much time left to Christmas. I think I am going to make a album with the kids with this. It can showcase our cookie making night. I love brag books that I can take with me. This over all measures approx. 7 x 7. But truly every page is a different size. For instance the snowman at his largest point width wise is 3 1/2 x 6 3/4" tall. So they do vary. I hope you really enjoy this set!


Thursday, November 26, 2009




Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SCRATCH THAT............

OK, so I thought I ordered the little ones...but I was wrong. I got the big ones. So everyone of these little boxes on these TOTALLY AWESOME PRINTER TRAYS Measures 2 1/2 x 3 1/2. The total over all size is about 12 1/4 x 15 approx. That is with the handle on the top added in.

And how about this handle? What a great way to hang this printers tray. Now I am sure they could have just added one of those key whole cutouts on the back to hang it. But this really adds a lot to the look.

Now there are 12 rectangles in all for you to fill so isn't' that great. As you see I am playing with all of the fun things I can do. Playing with a Christmas theme right now. The great thing about my clear stamps, I can lay them out where I am thinking about using them before I even stamp with them. Plus I can try a bunch of different possibilities before I settle on what I would like to go with.

Now here are some quick ideas. There are 12 places so you could do a little calendar work. That would be so simple. Or you could change the theme with the seasons. Why not use poster putty to hold in your ATC's and little treasures instead of glue. That way you can use the same printers tray over and over to change when ever you feel like. Oh I know, here is a great one. How about hanging it in your home and filling it with your child's class picture and maybe a little memento every year. Or a graduation gift. So many things that you can do with this one. I am glad I messed up and ordered the big ones.


Monday, November 23, 2009


Picture courtesy the 7 Gypsies website

I am totally on board with paper products and there incredible colors and patterns turning into home dec. And here is a great way to jump into the big pond of not only decorating but trying your hand at ATC's while you are at it. This 4 x 6 printers tray from 7 Gypsies will be dropped of at the door step of Brambleberry Lane today. The top picture is a example of what you can do with this great little printers tray. I have been working on my squares so as soon as it gets here I can drop them right in and hang them up.

I am starting with a Holiday theme. Lets face it, I can't think about anything else but the holidays upon us. So this will be perfect. Lets talk about it being a great gift. I know that you have a ton of paper out there just sitting in your stash waiting to be used. Well here you go. You will just need to create a few cute little box's and add pictures, (with embellishments of course) and you have a great gift for under $20 bucks. Now that is a great idea.

I will post my first done one once they arrive!


(I know I will!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

More New STUFF!

Some of these I have been making for a couple of weeks and just have not had the time to list here. Others are brand new to the Lane. The above Red and White are to die for. They are a great color combination first of all. But they really give a elegant feel when added to your cards.

I love these snowflakes. The blue is just light enough and not to heavy. This is a paper with flowers here and there on it so you pick up the white lines every once and a while. So like real snowflakes, no two are alike.

This new Kitchen Paper is so awesome. I love the retro feel. What a great base for a hand made recipe book. You could gather a bunch of old hand written family recipes and really create something special.

I have these ribbons in white, red and a combo red/white. They are so different and you will find loads of things to do with them.

And I am sure by now you have seen my flash cards. These vintage finds are so great for adding to a page or even cutting and using as a base for your ATC's. I am always finding things to do with these!

What a pretty blue/white combo these snowflake stickers are. Soft when you first see them but when you add them to a white envelope they totally pop!

And last but not least these great new clear stamps from 7 Gypsies. It is a really big set for only 8.00 that you have to check out. I love adding stamps where ever I like on a page. Or stamping on separate paper, cutting and then adding back in. So simple and easy to make that layered look!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hey there Mister Gingerbread Man! You could totally make a house (a gingerbread house) out of paper with this set. The fabulous papers from American Crafts featured in this set are all about the building of some great Christmas memories. I have a great little chipboard book and house that I am going to be working on over the next couple of weeks with this grouping. I am so excited about this set. And there are ***30*** sheets in the set!

WOW these are FABULOUS! This set is full of card stock, flocking and fun. Oh yes I did say flocking. The heads in the first picture are flocked. I know it is crazy but true. Not to mention all the other great papers in this set. You will totally love them!

Don't hate me because I love this paper. They are pretty and cute all at the same time. This set is full of whimsy. The colors are the perfect tones. The combination of traditional colors and the pinks never crosses that fine line of too much on one paper. Instead, they truly compliment each other. And yes there are ***24*** of them waiting for you @ Brambleberry Lane!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So the back of our land borders a very large pond. Many animals visit us at different times of the year just because of the water. Now it is the turn of the Geese to make their way south by stopping off here at Brambleberry Lane. The only problem with this is every time I go to take their picture they take off on me. And there is not just a couple. On a slow day there is a minimum of 1000 geese at any given time just floating along. In the evening they drop from the sky in droves and the sound could make you loose your hearing it is so loud out there. But we love to watch them every year.

They fly so low over our home and our Choc. Lab is not happy with that fact at all.

It may be a little hard to see here, but this is me getting to close to them this morning and the entire pond lifting off and taking flight. I am not going to hurt them but they won't let me get close enough to tell them that. Growing up I could never understand why the wild animals that lived around our house in the woods didn't want me to hug them. And yes, here in my 30's I am still wondering the same thing. They are so beautiful and all of the animals that travel our back yard are a joy. Well, that is, except for the FOX FAMILY, they can just keep moving on!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well here are some of the new products from 7 Gypsies that arrived here on the door step of Brambleberry Lane. Talk about instant inspiration. I have 4 new book cover sets. I have two shown here. They are a chipboard base so you can put holes in them and use with rings or you could always use ribbons or gaffer tape. The ideas will be endless. And talk about a beautiful start to a homemade Christmas gift. The covers are under $2.00 for a set. Now that is a great price!

How about the wonderful ATC punch that 7 Gypsies puts out. This is a must for anyone that creates ATC art for rounders. The perfect punch for them to hang just right.

And I think this great roll of gaffer tape speaks for it self. Plus the fact that the tape(sticky) is built right in. No adhesive is needed. Just cut and stick. You will love the red and cream combo. There are more of this one to come as well.

Then last but not least this great book cover set. I am loving this one so much. I am picturing the perfect little coffee table book of the families holiday season! Once again less them $!

Monday, November 9, 2009

ON THIS DATE IN HISTORY...He Asked Me to Marry Him!

As we all know, woman remember things in a different way. A more accurate way. We know the dates and times that life changing things happen to us. What we where wearing as well as the exact words that other person said are just a few of the details that never escape our minds. I have a problem with memories...I remember it all! It drives people crazy, especially my father. I hear the tone in his voice of wonder how I still can pull up a memory for such a little thing. But today I recall the day Patrick asked me to marry him. Well what he really said was...would you be my wife? It was like it was just yesterday. I can still see the vein in his neck popping and the blood draining from his face. I never saw this man so scratch that. When I walked up to him to get married he looked at me, instead of saying your beautiful, which I was. He said, "HOLD MY HAND NOW"! Yup, that was the most scared I had ever seen him. Any who, we went to dinner and he refused to sit where I wanted to sit, weird number 1. Then he kept snapping at me all night, weird number 2. Next he would light and then blow out every candle in the house, weird number 3. Then finally he kept pushing me away and walking away from me because he thought I would feel the ring in his pocket. That was weird number 4.
Well of course I said yes. How could I not. I had been dreaming of marrying this man since I was 5. But do you think he remembers what today is? I wonder. I wonder if it all ever crosses his mind like it does mine. Now I am not saying I want him to think about it when he is working on electricity. That is not the shock I would like. But what about when he is driving or having his lunch? Well I remember and I am thankful enough for the both of us!

So any who, here are a bunch of stickers that are new at Brambleberry Lane. I have this new 1 1/4" scalloped punch. It let's me add some more great papers that are out there. I hope you like them all!