Monday, November 9, 2009

ON THIS DATE IN HISTORY...He Asked Me to Marry Him!

As we all know, woman remember things in a different way. A more accurate way. We know the dates and times that life changing things happen to us. What we where wearing as well as the exact words that other person said are just a few of the details that never escape our minds. I have a problem with memories...I remember it all! It drives people crazy, especially my father. I hear the tone in his voice of wonder how I still can pull up a memory for such a little thing. But today I recall the day Patrick asked me to marry him. Well what he really said was...would you be my wife? It was like it was just yesterday. I can still see the vein in his neck popping and the blood draining from his face. I never saw this man so scratch that. When I walked up to him to get married he looked at me, instead of saying your beautiful, which I was. He said, "HOLD MY HAND NOW"! Yup, that was the most scared I had ever seen him. Any who, we went to dinner and he refused to sit where I wanted to sit, weird number 1. Then he kept snapping at me all night, weird number 2. Next he would light and then blow out every candle in the house, weird number 3. Then finally he kept pushing me away and walking away from me because he thought I would feel the ring in his pocket. That was weird number 4.
Well of course I said yes. How could I not. I had been dreaming of marrying this man since I was 5. But do you think he remembers what today is? I wonder. I wonder if it all ever crosses his mind like it does mine. Now I am not saying I want him to think about it when he is working on electricity. That is not the shock I would like. But what about when he is driving or having his lunch? Well I remember and I am thankful enough for the both of us!

So any who, here are a bunch of stickers that are new at Brambleberry Lane. I have this new 1 1/4" scalloped punch. It let's me add some more great papers that are out there. I hope you like them all!

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