Friday, November 20, 2009

More New STUFF!

Some of these I have been making for a couple of weeks and just have not had the time to list here. Others are brand new to the Lane. The above Red and White are to die for. They are a great color combination first of all. But they really give a elegant feel when added to your cards.

I love these snowflakes. The blue is just light enough and not to heavy. This is a paper with flowers here and there on it so you pick up the white lines every once and a while. So like real snowflakes, no two are alike.

This new Kitchen Paper is so awesome. I love the retro feel. What a great base for a hand made recipe book. You could gather a bunch of old hand written family recipes and really create something special.

I have these ribbons in white, red and a combo red/white. They are so different and you will find loads of things to do with them.

And I am sure by now you have seen my flash cards. These vintage finds are so great for adding to a page or even cutting and using as a base for your ATC's. I am always finding things to do with these!

What a pretty blue/white combo these snowflake stickers are. Soft when you first see them but when you add them to a white envelope they totally pop!

And last but not least these great new clear stamps from 7 Gypsies. It is a really big set for only 8.00 that you have to check out. I love adding stamps where ever I like on a page. Or stamping on separate paper, cutting and then adding back in. So simple and easy to make that layered look!


Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

There ARE some nice things here. Love the red and white and snowflake stickers. ; )

Tammy said...

I love the kitchen papers. I have my Grandmother's hand written recipes and it's been a goal (for much too long now) to make an album for them to pass on to my girls....and I will have to check out those stamps!!