Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well we are so happy to welcome our 6 new friends! We have had these beautiful feathered creatures in a XL tote under the heat lamp for the last couple of weeks. They are Rhode Island Reds. They well be laying brown eggs hopefully starting this summer some time. We are so excited to watch them grow. All of the kids are having a ball with them. The above picture is the day after they came home. They where just 10 days old.

Here they are 18 days old. They have grown so much. It is unbelievable how many feathers have grown in on them. The colors are incredible. They are almost the exact color of Noah's hair. And the best part of it all....I can call myself a farmer now...lol!


Thursday, April 7, 2011


In our travels this weekend we ended up here at Mapleland Farms. Noah has always wanted to know how the "real" maple syrup process happened. So this year we took him to see. One of the owners took the time to take us out and show the entire process, which the boys loved!

Patrick and I loved the breakfast. I am not a pancake fan but these where incredible.

My DH totally loved them even though he was being watched by that big guy behind him in the blue shirt. They only do this a couple of times in March each year so the place is packed for breakfast.

Logan loved his hot chocolate!

And once again I did not make it into one picture. I swear I have got to get my husband to use the camera once and a while so the boys know there mom was around when they where growing up!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day!

Well as many of you know, Autism is a very big part of our life with our youngest being diagnosed a year ago this past January. He is a JOY to have in our life. We are very, very lucky because we have a wonderful support system that have taught him so much.

When he was first diagnosed, I had such mixed emotions on what was going to happen next. This was not my first major diagnoses. When my oldest was 6 she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Yup, a lot of why me's where going round and round in my head. So here are the feelings of a mother that was relieved because she finally had some answers, but sadden because all of the sudden she could not picture what life had in store for our family next.....

A child melts down

Sadness hits a mother hard

People don't understand why my child is like this

Everyone stairs when he looses control

Reality hits a mother harder

Gentle hands hold on tight

Everyone wonders how I am holding it together

Right now I don't know

Someday I will be the one that helps him defeat this

So that is my little poem. I would love to know what you think. This challenge for us seemed at first to be the biggest hill I have ever climbed. But then I realized, this might be part of what makes this wonderful little boy so amazing. He is so incredible and loving and I would not change any of this for the world.