Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fair Season In Full Swing!

So this is how our day at the fair started. With me trying to buckle the boys into the stroller when Logan grabbed the camera and took a picture of me. Now I know what the two of them see all the time. Boy is my smile crocked.

From the boys getting to explore a old train car to Patrick on the big giant slide, fun was overflowing everywhere.

They loved riding the motorcycles as well as the spin they took me on. We went on the teacup ride and Logan found it very amusing to spin mommy round and round.

They totally love riding together on everything!

Logan wanted to have his picture taken with this cow so bad but was a bit afraid of getting to close.

Then there where the ducks. Logan has not stopped talking about them. He wants one so bad. I tried to explain the entire thing about them not staying that size forever. Then little Noah decided to inform his big brother that there was no mommy in with the chicks and it all went south fast. Once again Noah's horns came out at the worst moment!

Everyone had fun. Now it is on to this weeks fair in our town. We are dropping off all of the kids entries today. The food will be judged as well as the things they created. Big hopes for lots of ribbons. I don't know where they get their creativity from!


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