Saturday, August 29, 2009

...and to all a Good Night!

Hi all! Yes, I am still working on all things holiday. I will be doing a great count down to Christmas in November with a new and different idea for you. But right now I am just playing. Here is one of my latest ATC's. I really was having fun with my metallic ink and chipboard pieces parts. I am totally falling in love with the mixed media aspects of creating. I have some fabulous vintage images from old Christmas cards that my mom had so kindly tracked down for me a while ago. They sat here in this pretty little box and now they have been coming out to get cut up and played with.

When I was a kid my dad would stand beside the large white book shelves in our room and read to us "The Night Before Christmas" poem after a wonderful Christmas Eve celebration at my grandmothers. He was very animated so you really got the true excitement of the poem while he read it. When I saw this card front from mom, it is the first thing I thought of. And at our house time and clocks truly where a big part of the holiday season. We would look at that big Grandfather Clock to see how long before Santa arrived. Plus, that was where my father would perch a present for the entire family every year. The box would either contain the present as it sat on top of the clock. Or it would have something in it that would represent something else that was too large to fit up there. For instance, the year we got a trip to Disney World. Kind of hard to fit the castle and mono-rail up there so there where travel books and plans. Or the year we got our dog DUKE. It wouldn't have been nice to leave a puppy in a box on top of a clock that rang every 15 minute during the holiday season. Any who, time was important during the holiday's for us so adding CLOCKS means something to me. What in your work means something to you? Add something to a layout or project that maybe only a sibling of yours would understand and the "...oh I remember that" statements are sure to follow!

Alright, back to work for me, so please....


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