Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So I am working on somethings for up coming classes I will be teaching. I love to teach and share techniques with people that have never seen them before. There are so many things that you can do with the supplies you all ready have. Many of us that have worked with paper for a very long time have a huge stash of paper and products to create with. So next time you go shopping just pick up a couple of additions or as I like to call them "BASE PRODUCTS" and work from there. For instance, I grabbed some crackle paint from Ranger the other day while out and I have had a ball with it. I love making my projects look old and worn. The crackle and some layers of ink that you already own can give that effect in no time. Not to mention the inking of ribbon. At the last class I taught I inked the ribbon and I thought this woman was going to fall over. She realized with just a couple of ribbons she had multiplied her options. With some ribbons they are very bright, by rubbing a bit of ink on them they become dull and blend in so well.

One of the things I learned when I first started out was the great effect layering. If you take the time to layer even one thing on your project it will add to the interest. This is shown here with the snowflakes as well as the word.

So see what you can ink and layer today. You will be very happy with your results!

p.s. Here is one of the new papers I am carrying in my shop. They are fun and double sided. But they are a limited set, so if you like them you better grab them before they are gone!


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