Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One More Time Before Years End!

I often wonder how others feel about this night of nights. Are you out having a great time or home packing away Christmas decorations? I myself am working. Yes, I have many ideas for the New Year and if I don't jump on them now they will fly out of my head. Plus I have been adding products to my new site The entire power outage and Christmas really set me behind in everything, especially my new site. But no matter, I am rolling now. But back to my question at hand, do you love the moment the ball drops or sleep right to the a.m. without a care in the world? The latter is me. Sure, if there wasn't a sick 4 year old upstairs and three other little people around here I may think of being out jumping up and down. You know like those days gone by where I actually did things like that. But now knowing that all my chicks are tucked in tight will do just fine.

Plus mom and dad are on my mind while they vacation. Did I mention that if my parents are even gone for a day it makes me crazy. No, not because I am a mama's girl but because we are all so tight. There is a line from the movie "The Family Stone"...what makes you all so special? We're not special, we're just all we've got! I love that movie. And it is true...around here family is TOTALLY NUMBER ONE! And not just the 6 of us, the outside arms of the family tree as well. I grew up with these funny kind of odd couple parents. Mom, VERY STRONG, yet reserved. Dad, well I don't think I have enough pages to write about all of the colorful things that he taught Wendy and I. But for sure we where taught that your have to rely on your family or you will stand alone. Friends are VERY important, but that backbone, when you are lucky enough to have it, is what you fall back on. This must be why there are so many kids running around here. We've got TONS of backbone.

Anyways, I really just jumped on to say so long to a wonderful year for us in our little house in the big woods. We are totally blessed with each other and everyone that surrounds us. I am so proud to be a part of this family and all of our extended families. So on that note Happy New Year to all...GOOD NIGHT IRENE!


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