Sunday, December 7, 2008


Traditions are wonderful things. They're something you look forward to year after year. A few years ago, Amy and I started a Gingerbread House building contest that was held on Thanksgiving. Our combined 7 children were able to kick off the Christmas Season & have a little traditional family competition at the same time. Gram and Gramp are always the building judges. They coincidentally always score the two structures in a tie, (which drive the kids crazy)!!!

Another tradition we love is from our childhood. In our Home you could not play Christmas music before 3:00pm on Thanksgiving Day. Our Dad always wanted to have one holiday at a time. We would beg him to let us play Christmas music before Turkey Day, but he would never give in. As children, we would wait anxiously primed with a Christmas Album on the record player for the 3:00 bell. "BING BING BING" went the clock. "ZEET SCRATCH" went the record player arm. Then, we would listen. Elvis would sing "Blue Christmas" ahhh... Christmas had begun.

This year, after not having a record player for some time, our mother surprised us with a player they had bought on-line. We've always played 3pm Christmas CD's for our children and they love the tradition. But this year the record player made it feel like Amy and I were kids again. Not to mention our children were amazed by this old fashion contraption called a record player. Start some traditions with your family, you'll never regret it. ~Wendy

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