Thursday, May 28, 2009


So I have been working on matchy matchy stuff. I have many wonderful loyal customers that fall in love with some of the images that I use and they want to incorporate them in other areas of their lives. Sometimes I send bookplates to my brides when they order their seals from me(the printed images). I just started doing this and they all are so happy to have them. Then the other day I had a bride that had ordered her seals and said she received these and wanted to order some to go in with her attendants gifts. What ever do you mean? I make something that I don't offer to the masses because my blond right brained head forgets to work. Yup, that is me...right brained AmyLynn. So here they are kids, the beginning of the many bookplates that you will all be seeing over the next few weeks. I figured I will list a few new ones every couple of days. Plus I have been doing that thing where I roll a idea around in my head over and over. Here is my latest...I wanted to be able to have a display that can go in the register area or maybe stationary area of some of the great gift shops out there. You know with my stickers and maybe bookplates on them. What do you think? I would love your feedback. Plus if you know a store near you that they would fit into let me know. The one thing I have always said about my stickers, is when people get them in their hand it is a totally different reaction. Sure they like the little 1x1 picture on line. But once they get them home they really feel the love. Now if anyone helps me make a connection out there in gift shop world and set up a display happens, next I will have a great big pack of goodies to send them! So let me know if any of you great gals out in online space have a fav country store or gift shop suggestion!


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Morta Di Fame said...

Okay, don't think I'm a dum dum, but I didn't know what a book plate was! Then I looked it up and now I know. They are wonderful and would be so great for cookbooks, too. Like this belong in "blanks" kitchen!
I love the crowns and the chairs!!!