Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hi All!

So sorry I have been hiding under the covers. WELL......not really. Just very busy. Between the biz and the kids, something had to give. Unfortunately it was one of my favorite things, blogging. See I figured out the other day while trying to get the sand out of my 4 year old's hair. You know, the sand the 3 year old put there. I realized that I like to blog because it is the only time someone listens and does not interrupt my thoughts. I mean come on people, do we truly get that from the people we live with. I think not. They need that cute little shirt ironed. Or can't find a belt to hold his pants up at work. Oh, Oh I know my favorite...can't find something in the fridge when I can see it sitting on the shelf from the family room. So yes, when I don't blog the only one who suffers is ME!

But I promise I will be here on Thursday with some new inspiration for you all. A couple of new items I have been working on. And yes what ever funny, cute or totally strange has happened to us here on the pond!


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