Thursday, April 2, 2009


I love happy fresh new products. Here are just some that are making their way to the shelves of Brambleberry Lane! The new flowers have the soft look of spring and the warm feel of the beach. Plus these are bigger then my normal layered flowers. they are 3" at the base plus they are 5 layers. They will work so well on a large gift tag or use all three for the corner of a 12 x 12. Trying to have a little something for everyone. The Chiyogami Paper is beautiful isn't it. I ordered some to work on a Easter egg project for the dinner table .

Picture Courtesy Martha

I am going to put a hole in the eggs and hang them from a tree branch in the center of the table with ribbon I think. Or maybe on the side board, but one way or the other they will be there and that is why the purchase of these beautiful papers. Try some yourself!

And I do love ribbon. I have a bunch that has just arrived that I will be listing over the next day or so. I try to put them on the site at different times of the day so that many different people get the chance to see them, so check back for the new ones on the way. And I will show you next time a couple of the new papers that have just arrived as well.



Taryn said...

You certainly are about as creative as it gets! I LOVE your blog! I found you on SITS, and I am so glad I stopped by!!!

I am also a scrapbooking and crafting nut, however, I am so busy working on a huge project right now, I hardly have any time to post about my other ideas. That's why I enjoy meeting other bloggers that have the same passions as I do! I find myself looking forward to visiting bloggers like yourself who have such amazing ideas! Your blog is like a breath of fresh air! Keep up the great work.

I certainly do plan to come back here quite often!


Mommy (That's my name, don't wear it out.) said...

Wow!! TOTALLY creative and I love the comment about smiling but not in pics. That is me too! Happy Friday! Glad I found you n SITS!

Musings of the Mrs. said...

I so wish I was crafty and creative. I'm not. Its sad. But I love looking at your crafts...

Tim said...

Thank you so much for your prayers. They mean more than you will ever know.

Love and Prayers,