Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I know they are not my style...on the outside. You know yourself in ways that others just don't see. I know that I drive my SUV with my four (most of the time) well mannered children, and walk into my center hall colonial. Oh what a nice pretty picture. But inside I am a leather wearing, bike driving mama that longs for a tattoo at 38 years old just to do something wild and youthful. Okay,okay....we all know that I probably won't get that tattoo for fear of a news report coming out the next day that the tattoo parlor I went to has been using needles more then once. And that I will never hear the end of it from my very proper mother, who will remind me that Martha Stewart is a hard working woman with no tattoos. Like my mom knows that info. No, I won't get that tattoo, but boy I want to. So instead I made these stickers. Yes I hear myself talking. How did I jump from tattoos to stickers. Please, if you knew me in real life, you could see how I make that leap. But I love fun and I think these are. Come on, skulls on pink paper screams girly, well wild girly, but still the word girly is in there.

Then I turn and jump into one of my most requested stickers. My new Fleur DE lis line. They are perfect for anything from a well appointed seal on a letter to a old friend. A addition to your wedding albums or the closure for invitations. I love these because they can be used for both male and female items. Many times, we only have things that are girly and pretty but these can really be used for both. They are set on a great creamy paper that you will enjoy.

Well the day has just begun and it is time for me to travel the blogs and see what else is happening on-line. Next these little friends of mine that are all on vacation this week are going to be looking for my full attention so have a great day, and remember...


(maybe add some skulls and be wild!)

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Taryn said...

How do you do this? I LOVE YOUR WORK! This post made me laugh, for I guess we all have that "wild child" inside of us! The tattoo thing was precious.
But, I have to say that those skull stickers are quite possibly the coolest things I have ever seen! I want some for myself! I love the design and great choice on the pink background.
I love it!!!