Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's Talk House Stuff!

Yes I have invited George and Martha Washington to Easter dinner. I don't buy items for my walls unless they really call to me. I don't want things hanging on my wall just to take up space. I have the dinning room walls painted ready for my dad to come home from down south and put up a chair rail. I decided to tone everything down so when I brought in the Easter flowers and all of the beautiful food, they would be the center of attention.

So I took some of my new beautiful pattern paper and made the male and female silhouettes for either side of the plate rack.

Then I decorated the buffet with all clear glass from both of our grandmothers. My buffet is the one that my grandmother had and this punch bowl and cups sat on it at many a gatherings. I love to see it in its rightful place.

As for the family. Or should I say the room that has sat here with nothing in it. It had this pretty baby delivered a couple of weeks ago. I love this love seat. It is a great tan with a fabulous piping on it. All of the cushions are removable including the ones on the back. That comes in handy with a big family. It makes me really happy. We paired it with Pats mahogany leather chair and they look like they where meant for each other. What a great place to read the Sunday paper or have to much coffee. Oh and this is the products of $10 per week. Every 18 months I open a new CD. I only add $10 per week and then in the end I buy something that I really want with no mommy guilt. Heck I don't even notice the $10 's each week. I usually start thinking about what I would like a couple months before it comes due and then go grab it. This was my present to me. And I am thrilled with it. I need to find the perfect end table(haven't seen it yet). And I would like a coffee table as well. So that is where the search is taking me.

Let me know what you all think, and remember...



Anonymous said...

i have given you a kreativ blog award! check out my chatter blog for details! maisy x

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love your love seat, though I thought it was gray.

I also love your clear glass,

Gill in Canada

Taryn said...

Oooo! I really like that George Washington framed silhouette.
How unique!

Thanks for sharing some great pics!


angie said...

You definitely created something fabulous. Can you come do my house now?