Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am shocked that it has already been 100 posts! My husband CAN'T believe it hasn't been more since I love to talk so much. Any who, I am starting off with a blog award that I received from a wonderful artist out of the UK. Miss Maisy is a multifaceted creative spirit that is always a inspiration to me. Her work is incredible and her blogs are always full of great ideas and other artists that she has taken the time to find, post about and alert you too. If you are looking for something wonderful make sure you add her to the blogs you follow!

So here are my picks for the Kreativ Blog Award...









~Add the logo to your blog
~Link to the person from whom you've received the award
~Nominate 8 blogs of your choice (ONLY 8, HOW WILL I NARROW IT DOWN?...)
~Leave a message on the nominees' blogs

These are just some of the amazing creative bloggers out there. They tell their story with the work they create. Please take time to show them all the love for their creativity and hard work!
And lets not forget about all of the new colored flash cards. This is one of last years big hits but check out my site and the sidebar here on the blog for all of the new groupings. There are 7 in each and they measure 4" x 2" for a great price of $2.25

Well that is number 100. And for all of you that write ...100th BLOG POST... in the notes to seller I will give you free shipping until April 20, 2009.



Gayle Page-Robak said...

Thank you so much for presenting me with the Kreative Blogger award, Amy Lynn! It is appreciated, as are you for your visits to my blog as well. Kind regards. Hugs, Gayle.

art by naomi said...

Thank you Amylynn, I've got my list blogged.

Anonymous said...

you're so welcome hunnybun - and thanks for the lovely mention xx