Friday, September 26, 2008


My little Red Headed Chicken Plucker. I can't believe you are 3 today. We call him that because at the fair just before his first birthday the lady from 4-H bent over to show Noah the 3day old baby chick. Noah sat in the stroller very angelic petting the chick with one fingure. Then out of no where he reached over and pulled out every feather from the back of this chick. The 4-H lady was furious. My husband, Parents and I almost fell over. I had never seen a little hand move that fast before.
Now in this picture this is what he does when you say to him, "show me your smile". He is nothing but a ham. He loves to play pretend and when ever he sees someone he says "hi, I'm Noah" . I love all 4 of these kids with every inch of me. But the red head has a special place in my big old mommy heart. Maybe because he is the baby of the family. Or maybe just because he is Noah. So today I send out a GIANT HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY to my special boy and all the love I can give him!


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Anonymous said...

Extra special big hugs and Birthday smooches for Noah xoxo