Monday, September 22, 2008

20 Little Things

Above image from Country Living Mag
There is something great going on over at The Inspired Room. Make a list of your 20 Favorite Autumn Little Things. Take a look at my list and then go check out The Inspired Room for more great Little Things!

1 Warm Cider Donuts

2 A big wool sweater

3 A roaring Fire

4 Apple Picking

5 Bitter Sweat

6 Pumpkins( that you grew yourself)

7 My moms pumpkin pie

8 Carmel over, on or in anything

9 A great craft show

10 Decorating anything that will stand still


12 A great new wreath

13 Trick or Treating

14 Lots of blankets piled on top of us

15 Changing the curtains to dark warm colors

16 A leaf falling beside me

17 All of my summer allergies go away...yah!

18 The crunch of frost on the lawn under your feet

19 Noahs, Moms and Dads Birthday

20 The Autumn is when I married my Patrick(saved the best for last)

Now lets see your favs!


Kathy said...

Yea for saying bye bye to summer allergies! Love your Autumn list!

Hooked on Houses said...

Love your list of 20 things. And that door in the photo is gorgeous! -Julia

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

That photo is giving me ideas for my patio door transom...

Warm apple cider donuts? Wonder if...

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Great list...oh, you found a good one here, WARM CIDER DONUTS! Oh boy. YUM!

Thanks for making a great list, I am so glad you shared the inspiration!


Gigi Minor said...

I love your list of 20 things : )
Looking forward to Lollishops!
Have a wonderful evening~