Friday, April 16, 2010

One Day in The Middle of Barnes and Noble

(above work from Spring 2010 Somerset Memories created by Jo-Anne te Raa)

So on Thursday I was totally having a creative block. I had no want or thought to create anything and that is just not like me. I tried everything. A little blog searching for inspiration...nothing. Going over my stash of papers...nothing. I even went outside and gardened to change my mind...nothing. So today instead of being blocked again I decided to run some er ins and get other things done. I had a gift card for Barnes and Noble that I wanted to use so I headed in. I searched a ton of books and created a big pile to sit and look at. I went to sit down with my finds and there wasn't a seat to be had. So I went over to the magazine section where I found a seat and a couple of Somerset Mags to look at as well. Deep into my page turning I was having a hard time making a decision on which book would be riding home with me. So I set down the books and picked up the mags. Now of course you will understand if you have ever seen one of the mags put out by Stampington they are totally full of great inspiration. I looked the first one over very carefully and then noticed the time. Before I made my decision I wanted to look at just one more Somerset Memories for the Spring 2010. It was just a quick flip but something caught my eye. I frantically tried to turn back to what I thought I had seen. And there it was...someone used one of my scrapbooking embellishments in there layout. I thought I would fall off my chair. There it was. Something I created was published and I was so proud.

Now I realize they are just one little part of this woman wonderful work. But it was MINE!!!!!!!!!!! I did this. I added to a creation out there in the world. And this is the difference. This is the difference between a big company that makes tons of products and a little biz full of heart in Upstate NY creating something. This means the world. Now don't get me wrong, the big companies do a incredible job, but when you are the little guy it is like winning a award.

My little metal rimmed tags where just a part of a Jenni Bowlin Kit that she put out about a year ago but it only takes one little thing to make your day now doesn't it!



Morgane said...

this is so cool!
I understand the joy and pride!

Nana Moon said...

Congrats! That is such an awesome achievement! I can only imagine the pride.
Thanks for inspiring me today!
Nana Moon Shop

Lia at Petite Little Bee said...

This is so wonderful!!!! I just love your bog and am a new follower. I just love the picture of your four adorable children and your little doggie!


Lori said...

Wow! Congratulations! I'll bet you're still walking around in a cloud. How's the inspiration? :)