Friday, July 11, 2008

Vacation All I Ever Wanted......

Did you miss me? Well I have missed all of you. I have been doing the mommy thing and enjoying some family time, I'm sorry, A LOT of family time. We have done everything from hang from the trees to hanging out in the Battenkill River watching the wind blow by. We have pulled out a tent, sat in the park, and road the carousel. But now it is time to get back to business isn't it. Here comes some of my Christmas in July fun for all. Plus there is the release of the new I-Phone by Apple. Yup, I want one. I don't even know why beside the fact that I would be able to do so many phone computer things just sitting beside my husband as he drives us to our next adventure. I tried to justify the cost because it also has a GPS in it. So I said, hey the phone costs $200. So the math works out to be $100 for the phone and $100 for the GPS. Right? He didn't buy it either. I tried to make him see it my way but I guess not. So I am going to get it anyways and show him the wonderful and incredible things it can do. We have a Apple store not to far from here so I am going to investigate.

OK, what else is up? Well I have reorganized and I am so happy with it. Oh, and we did something else that I never thought I would do when it comes to decorating but it is awesome. When we built this house we both fell in love with our bedroom. It was really big compared to what we had. Plus, it has its own bath as well as a walk in closet that is bigger then the room I grew up in as a kid. So, last year I purchased a BEAUTIFUL recliner in a dark chocolate color leather for Pat for Christmas. He had always talked about getting one and before he went out and purchased one of those big stuffed ones that didn't match anything we had I gave him this one. It was one of those presents I could barely wait to give him. Anyways, the 2 and 4 year old have figured out how to jump from the couch to the chair at the same time and make it pop open. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Are you kidding me? These two would give God a run for his money. So I suggested we move it up in our room until they stop doing things like this(so I guess for 16 more years). We love it up there. And it is so perfect in our room. It fits perfect and it looks great! Relaxing in your bedroom is a must I think. And now that we have done this, I think it is time for the flat screen. Pat didn't like that idea any more then the


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