Monday, July 14, 2008

My Summer Mission With 4 Kids

Nothing in life is free, is what they say,but is it true? One of the reasons I got into scrapbooking over ten years ago is the family interaction. I have always included my kids in everything I try. I really don't believe they are ever to young to learn, unless it is dangerous to them. For instance, I have never taken out the torches and said hey kids, let me show you how to solder today and then you can too! No, with somethings they watch and others they just dive right in. You would not believe how great a 3 year old is at putting together beads for the perfect necklace. Or the opinion of a 8 year old on curtain choices. My sister and I would take my son Josh with us curtain shopping when he was little, just so he could pick out the perfect ones. And he always did.

So what am I talking about? Well we are all feeling the pinch of the economic state our great country is in. So that big trip to the ocean or flying off to the islands my not be something that many can afford. So what can you do? Well no matter what gas comes into play. So you always have to have a budget for that. But what can you do once you get there? What about visiting old friends or family you haven't heard from in awhile. Find a lake or river you can go hang out in for the day. The kids are always happy when water is involved. Oh, and don't forget fishing, if you already have the equipment that can be a adventure over and over again. Or you can do like we did as kids, tie string to a stick and put bread on a safety pin with the pin left open. It really does work. A fish can't tell the difference between a safety pin and a fish hook. Or bring really great things to make for a picnic lunch and go to the park. Go anywhere and eat food from home in a pretty setting. Believe me when I say, some great food shopping will make sure your kids aren't going to ask to go to the local drive thru. Be creative. They don't need a computer all day and a TV can stay off. Sit back and watch them wonder. They may find something they love that they never knew about.

Such as SCRAPBOOKING. All of this wondering and finding inexpensive things to do can lead to the time to sit and scrap together. Load your photos of all the fun on to the computer and together you can pick out the shots you like. I love to hear my kids say the phrase "Remember when we..." I know something great happened that day!


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