Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Trends Are What You Make of Them!

I see people trying to follow this and follow that. So lets take a second and follow what we like. When you are in line at the store, which magazine catches your eye. Is it the object or maybe the color combo? Do you like beautiful and rich, lush pictures. Or are you drawn to the cute fuzzy bunny and puppy kind of things. No matter what you like, it is right. So why do we need to know, that is simple. If you identify your likes or style you can then put that to work in your paper creations and be so much more happy with the results. For instance, the Country Living Mag on my store shelf had the most beautiful pink/green color combo. It drew me right in. At this moment I couldn't begin to tell you what the picture was but that color combo was what caught my eye. So what do I do with that info? I make a small book or maybe a card or page and see what I think. See what I like out in everyday life and apply it to my work so that I am happy with the results. Lets face it, just the time to take everything out and start working is worth the time it takes to figure out what I like. Don't you think?

In my personal work I have been using some really great Far East themed papers. I am going to flow those over into my stickers that I offer because the beauty in the papers is in every inch. But I definitely like the other looks and feel it adds to my collection.



Anonymous said...

Yay - girl pirate stickers! I love these! (Do I need to mention shoes and handbags again?!) x

Anonymous said...

SHOES AND HANDBAGS!!!!!!!!!!! heehee :)