Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So last night we had some really bad storms pass over our home by the pond. If you have never read anything I have written before, you may not know how much I LOVE my home. Everything about it from the fact that we have more land then just the foot print the house sits on to the color on my walls. Little or big, there is no place on earth I rather live out my years then this house. So, when a storm comes my way last night it tends to be unsettling when you see the tree that holds bird seed bending over. That tends to make me have a unhappy evening. So what did I find myself doing in the dark? Make, Make making new products.

So what does this all mean to the post title "THE GIFT"? I am walking around here this morning realizing that I have this gift. Since this time last year I have been having this feeling in my gut, and thank the Lord it hasn't gone away. I feel like someone turned on a faucet, and things just keep flowing out. My to do list is always being added to and that is not a bad thing. I am so excited all the time. I work all day long while listening to the Diva Craft Lounge . Did you know that this existed out there? I am now listening to all of the back shows. It is so much fun to work and hear people talking about the paper biz. So my Gift is this incredible ability to keep trying and create without stopping. I have always created things since a child. But this is different. It is the flow and the fact that these things are rolling and I am sooooo happy. I have been given this Gift and I am so Thankful for it and I am going to keep working my tale off until the flow slows or the faucet is turned off.

What is your GIFT? What is your passion. I promise, if you take one giant step back, and listen to your gut, your passion will show itself to you. It seems to bring this incredible Peace along with it!


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Anonymous said...

I love that you're following your dream and getting such a kick out of it! Your motivation is infectious AL :)