Monday, June 16, 2008


So, I started listing some of these today. I am in love with them because the images are so great. As it explains in the listing, mom gave me some old children's books. I wasn't sure at first what to do with them. I was torn so I did nothing. But looking for something they turned up. I started using my template and moving it around the pages to see what 1" would get me. I am in love. I like when things I make make me happy. I can be proud of that little glimmer that flies in one side of the brain and out my hands. I hope you guys like them too. For the most part these will all be one of a kind sets. All of the old torn books are singles so if you like them you better get them before they are gone. I will add a couple new ones here and there. I need to get some other things photographed and listed but mister battery died in the camera so no more new picture until Tuesday when the new battery is picked up.

On a personal note, this week my Logan will turn 4 years old. I have enjoyed every minute that I have been blessed with each of my children. But this birthday marks the change of many things. For one he will be going to Pre-K in the fall. As well as he will be spreading the most incredible set of wings to fly and with Logan you just know he will soar as high as possible by man. There is something special about the way that Logan looks at everyday. He is that person that was brought into my life for a reason. The reason was to keep me grounded yet be able to find my own set of wings again. There is a song by Rascal Flats "Broken Road". It is meant to be a love song. But it really does apply to Logan. God Bless The Broken Road, That Led Me Straight To You. Yup, he was the child that 10 years ago you could never made me believe I was going to have someday. I wondered when Mo got sick and other things went south, could anything ever be incredible again. It was the moment I thought I was pregnant with Logan. He turned the hope back on in my heart and for that I will always be grateful to him. The funny thing is he doesn't even know he has done that for his mom. He calls me "MY SWEET ANGEL", but that is truly what he is to me!


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Anonymous said...

Aww, Happy Birthday Logan!! Big hugs and kisses from your pal across the pond :)

Oh, and tell Mummy that Maisy LOVES her new stickers!