Thursday, June 5, 2008


As I took a walk from blog to blog and ran into my friends, I saw that she had written about this great group here at Etsy. HOST stands for Helping Others Street Team. This is a great Etsy shop that takes donations and helps Etsy sellers that need to have a bit of a financial boost to get their biz going. I think this is a easy and incredible thing to do for others. It is really as simple as them listing your product and you shipping it on its way. How awesome is that? That is it, that is all you have to do. No worries until the product sells and even then it is like shipping anything else. Come on everyone, give a little. If we all added something to this shop it would make such a difference. Random Acts of Kindness is a way to pay it forward that we should all live by. Because your mother was right when she said, it is the little things that make a difference!


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Anonymous said...

AL, you're the greatest - thanks so much for helping to promote and support HOST! Love ya :)