Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Owls Are All The Rage

Did you see these papers that just arrived? They are so darn cute that I am ordering more. I love them. The colors are perfect together. Many times the paper lines are totally pointed in a direction but these are wonderful. They can be used for a man or a woman. They would be great for children or teens. So many possibilities. So get them and post what you are doing with them. I love to get those convos with a picture of what you have made, so send them in. So many things to do today. I have a list again this morning to fill out and cross off. I am creating 3 new products this week so keep an eye out for them. And hopefully some new papers will be arriving shortly.

I would love to have everything in my shop totally handmade but I don't think I could really complete my vision if I did that. I see so many different things I want to bring to all of you and share that you may not see in your local scrapbook store. And lets not forget that many places don't have local stores. So let me be your local store and I will keep trying to find fun and new things for you to all enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

I love owls. And I love these papers. And I LOVE your shop! And I LUUUURRVVVE today's something fabulous!!! Are you feelin' the love yet AL? :)