Monday, January 18, 2010

This is for sure a girl holiday. The great day of love many refer to as Valentine's Day is truly just a excuse for us to use PINK. I love pink and all of the fun that goes along with it. Here is my daily dose of pink for this time of year. And here is how I made it....

  • Start with a 5 x 5 base card(5x10 before folded)
  • 4 Similar papers that are 2 1/4 x 2 1/4
  • Edge them each with Metallic Gold and round one corner
  • Layered nesting hearts on chipboard and more Metallic on edges
  • Tape runner embellishment to card and add words

As far as the letters I used for love. They are foam stickers that where black but I wanted them to blend in a little more to the color scheme. So out came my trusty paints and everything matches beautifully!

Now as far as this little toss in. It was 2:00pm eastern time and the house was VERY, VERY FREE OF SOUND. This is not normal when all four of them are home from school. So I looked around downstairs and there was no one. I made my way up stairs and still no sounds. Until I opened our bedroom door and all of my little friends, along with their pillows, where watching a movie together. WOW this is the kind of stuff pictures are made of. So I grabbed the camera to mark this moment in history. And this is what I am thankful for today!


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