Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birds of a Feather Celebrate Birthday's Together

So here is some inspiration for everyone today. I have been trying to build up some special cards for the upcoming birthdays of 2010. I can't stand when I am walking out the door and there is no handmade card in hand. See it is my own fault. I have been making cards along with many other projects for so long that people come to expect it and I think that I should live up to that expectation don't you.

This one is more for a adult. The picture doesn't totally show the shine to this card. On much of the black on the bird I layered the liquid glass to give some more dimension to it. I love the combo of colors. I make a bunch of bright happy colors for many of my birthday cards but it is nice sometimes to have a stronger more masculine set of colors. I also rolled the edges of the double sided paper flowers so they gave a pop out look. Also on the flowers, which you really can't tell in the picture, I used the liquid glass on the tan areas. It pulls the eye over the front of the card while leaving the bird the dominate feature. I hope you all enjoy it and make it a great Tuesday!


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Tammy said...

I concur, it is right of them to expect a hand made card ;-)~ especially when your cards are this beautiful!! Love it!!