Monday, August 18, 2008

My Last Day @ 37!

So many people I know are either ashamed of their age or are sad that they are "OLD" at my age. I love it. Every new age is a adventure. Heck, in my 37th year I created Brambleberry Lane so I know there is more good things in store. So what is the adventure for the 38th year of my life? Well I am not good with the New Years Eve resolution thing so I like to do them on my birthday. Maybe because I am a summer baby I am more of a free spirit then some but I do like to live by the rule of happiness and just let it go. Yet, I am a mama bear and you don't want to mess with my cubs. That is when you see miss laid back become a monster. But this year I am changing the big thing in my life. I am going to get ride of 20 pounds. Yup, I just said it out loud. And isn't there some rule that once you blog about it you must do it. Know I am not sure that this is the amount I should or need to get ride of, but I know this will help. I want to take a Christmas picture with my kids this year and leave one of those chins at home. I know that I can do this. My biz is going really well and I think if I feel better it will help get more creative juices flowing. So that is what is going to happen on Tuesday the 19th, I am starting over. Now I am not going on some big crash diet but I am going to add a heavy dose of exercise into my life. I know I can do it, so I shall!

Have you seen more new things over at Brambleberry Lane? Well you better take a peek because I am on fire adding things left and right. So check out these new things and I will let you all know how the Big 38 has turned out.


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Hooked on Houses said...

Happy birthday!! I love your attitude. I like to think that the older we get, the more freedom we have to be exactly who we are and say exactly what we think. :-)

Here's to an amazing new year, filled with fabulous creations! -Julia