Wednesday, August 20, 2008

As Dad Would Say.....

So, every year without fail my dad reminds me of what I am truly working on. Even with the date on Tuesday which leads me to know that it was my 38th birthday, he lets me know I am working on my 39th year. Well then let the work begin. I spent all day being with my family on Tuesday and that is just the way I like it. Right down to Noah's melt down at Home Depot when I was buying shrubs for out front. I have been really going head over heals with this house lately. Rooms are being sorted and closets organized. Logan with start Pre-K this fall so that will be me going back and forth getting the transportation thing down to a science. Mo will start High School and Josh moves over to the high school to start 7th grade. Oh how the days go by. But I wouldn't trade this for the world. These guys are taking me for a ride and I love it.

Oh and Miss Morgan made the JV Volleyball Team. She is so happy.

Anyways back to ME! I was given some beautiful gifts for my birthday from my family and my Husband. My mom and dad helped me to be a FABULOS timely cook and Yes, my husband heard me. I know that it is hard to believe but it is true. He heard me and got what I asked for in passing. I told him that I really wanted a Antique Milk Can for the side porch. I didn't care what it looked like as long as it could hold a mumm in the fall and holly and pine in the winter. The rest of the year it can just sit there and look pretty. He got a hold of this Antiques guy we know and he did it. He even had to meet the guy at 5:30 in the morning just to pick it up. If you know anything about my partner is he is not a Morning person. I was never so proud of him. And for that I am grateful.

Well it is time to get back to work. The holidays stuff can't get away from me so I need to make more. Plus I need to order more papers for you all to create with. Some companies have me on back order which does not make me a happy lady but we will have to sit still and wait a little longer for some of those great products I have coming for you all to go along with my original creations. So in closing...WELCOME YEAR 39, BRING IT ON, I AM READY FOR YOU!


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Maisyh said...

You are in soooooo much trouble!!! Give a bud a chance1 You don't even have your Bday in your etsy profile! HOW COULD YOU NOT REMIND ME?!!! Arrrrrgh :(

Belated huggies... even tho I'm silking! xxxxx