Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fair Time is Upon Us!

Well we live in the area of the Fair Grounds and are we ever excited. It is so much fun getting ready with all of the kids entries to be judged. This year is Logans(4) first year to enter something. And what can a 4 year old do totally on his own? Plant Sunflowers. They are over 10ft tall outside the back deck and they are a incredible learning tool for a small child. They take this small seed and put it in the ground and from it comes this Giant of a flower. Sure you could do this with any plant, but a sunflower is so big that they really get a sense of what is possible. Last year was the first time he planted them and then the birds came and ate the seeds all fall. He then learned that from his actions he was able to feed someone else. He was so amazed and could not wait until this past spring to plant again. So we dropped off his 3 Stems, 3 Flowers, 3 Leaves. This is what they describe in the book for the rules of what you bring. I gave him one of my old blue mason jars and he carried them in with pride. He watched the woman put them up on the shelf to be judge. And now he waits. Will he get a ribbon? I don't even think it matters. The look on his face as he watched that jar of flowers go up onto the shelf was totally worth it.

On the side of the biz look for some new flash cards as well as different Christmas combos. Can you smell Autumn in the air? We sure can and boy am I having fun with some great new products on the way. I am still in a holding pattern for back orders from some of the paper companies, but there are a couple that will be worth the wait.

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Anonymous said...

Is that one of Logan's sunflowers in your pic? Holy moly! That's GORGEOUS! Definitely medal material in my humble opinion :)