Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Day With Rain in The Northeast!

Hi there everyone! I just ran into this one from when we went to Vermont in the beginning of July. You should have seen me when I found something that had 4 spots for heads since I have 4 heads that follow me everywhere.

Anyway, I am back to work after being down for the count last week. When mom gets sick the world stops I am finding. But I must say that my dear hubby was Fab-u-lous and really tried hard to help out. He did everything from take care of the kids to making sure the biggest order ever was sent out. Thanks babe for standing in for me when I was flat on my back and at a different zip code!
So we have more Autumn and Holiday things that are making there way to the site of Brambleberry Lane. The Santa seals are one of my favorites and I love the flash card sets that are being added as well. I have so many things that I have created and I would love to get them all out at once but I am pacing myself so they can all be seen.
OH, did you see the http://www.JenniBowlin.com Kit this month has my product in it. This is so mind blowing to me. I have followed her for a few years now. I love the vintage and warm look that her products make me feel. I am so proud that she added me in so hop over there and take a look.

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