Thursday, August 21, 2008

...It's Whats In The Middle That Counts...

One of the lines from "Hope Floats" I love that movie. I love any movie that stirs emotion in me. That makes me feel something on a Sunday afternoon all curled up on the couch that I didn't expect until I was flip flopping threw stations and land on a chick flick! My point is I think this is true, you know about the middle being what counts. I remember the moment I laid eyes on all four of my kids for the first time. I remember being out to dinner with my girlfriend Brenda when I first saw my husband walk in that door after not seeing him in 15 years. They where all incredible moments. But it is what is happening know that counts the most I think. I realized last night as I was sitting in a parent meeting that my little chubby checked girl was starting high school and this little family will some day not all be under the same roof. Child number 3 (Mr. Logan) will be starting pre k and it will just be me and Noah. Everyone keeps telling me how much I will be able to get done during the day with one less person to take care of. I am not sure that is a good thing. Now don't get me wrong. When my nest is empty I am not going to put on a ugly bathrobe and curl up in a corner. I love adventure and I love life so I shall turn that page and try all of those things that need my attention that are on my list. But that won't mean that I will miss any less the daily..."mom where's my"...or..." mom she took my". I actually love those things. I heard a mom last night complaining that she had to do something for her kids. I totally see where she is coming from because we are all stretched so far now, but they don't need to know that. They don't need to take on our trouble with theirs. So lets all give these little people a great middle. Lets give them what childhood should be. Fun, relaxing and a adventure. They have enough to handle between divorce, self-image and friends. And lets realize that they are still kids at 10, 14, 17 and stop treating them like adults.

Well now that I have been on my parenting soap box it is time to get on with the day and new ventures. I am in the middle of seeing how thin I can spread my self while still keeping a smile on my face. How about you? Do you know what those handmade Christmas tags are going to look like? How about those Christmas cards you always swear you are going to make. Here is a thought for you. Instead of trying to make 30 or 50 handmade cards why not make 10 for those people really close to you. The ones that it does matter what they think like a dear friend or your parents. Don't try to take on a war just win a small battle and you will feel great about it!

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