Saturday, October 1, 2011

What I Saw Out My Window Today

Have you ever looked out your window and saw nothing but then that something special is there for you to see?

Well this is the little guy I ran into. No I am not really sure if it is a guy or a gal, but I know this, it is TOTALLY AWESOME! It is amazing that a bug can look like a stick and act like a stick, but is really just a bug. Now mind you, these are not a dime a dozen. They are not like the horrific "sketers" we have had flying around. No these bugs are true head turners. I have only seen a few in my life but I do enjoy it every time I do.

I do wonder, do these stick bugs have body image issues? Do they see the reflection in the windows that they climb and wonder..."am I too fat"? Well either way I am sure that I see a lovely creature that I hope I run into again.

So what did you see out your window today? Or did you take a minute to look? If you didn't it must be at the top of your list. You never know what you will see. Today a stick bug tomorrow the man of your dreams....but don't hold your breath for either of!


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